Letting Go of the Cigarette

I have just returned from an amazing vacation in the north woods of Wisconsin visiting my family. The Wisconsin north woods are where my heart is. It is wonderful visiting everyone. I love running in the Chequamegon- Nicolet National Forest, biking on the country roads and great swims in Clam Lake after a sweaty run. Running with my cousin in the mornings, I felt I could run forever. The air is clean and fresh. The wild life is breath taking. Seeing elk, cranes, and eagles in the mornings renews the soul. 

However, while up there, it really concerned me hearing someone I love dearly with a morning smoker’s cough. Telling someone you love that they are doing great harm to their body doesn’t cut it. People who smoke don’t want to hear it. Smokers already know that they are causing harm to themselves. They already are aware that there are 4000 chemicals in the cigarettes they smoke. I did a little digging around and was surprised to see that there is an organic additive free cigarette.  I am NOT endorsing this type of cigarette nor do I know much about it. I was curious about it. I was just thinking that it may be a start to stopping the addiction to cigarettes. I am NOT saying smoking organic cigarettes is better for you or better than other cigarettes, but maybe with less toxins added, could it be a stepping stone. Possibly switching to this, and then smoking fewer cigarettes a day to stopping all together? Has anyone tried these organic additive free cigarettes before? I would welcome any email from any users who have tried these to let me know what your experience has been with these and what are your thoughts. It does appear that they are more expensive than regular cigarettes which is already a negative to start with, but of course if you are able to quit, that would save you money in the long run. A plan may be to use these as the start of your long term plan to stop smoking and not as a replacement for regular cigarettes.  I think having a plan to quit smoking would help increase the success rate of quitting.  I would love to help anyone who is trying to quit with a detox program to go along with your plan to stop smoking. A detox plan that includes fresh juicing, green smoothies, and fresh raw organic vegetables and greens will begin to cleanse your blood and help to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Giving up your pleasures is never easy and causes discomfort. Hopefully with a plan you can begin to let go of your addiction. 

I believe nicotine just like alcohol and caffeine is an addictive drug that should be slowly transmitted off of to help avoid side effects and increase the success rate of quitting for life. 

It is not easy watching someone you love struggle with coughing fits or have difficulty enjoying hikes out on the trails or bike rides. Everyone should be able to enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer.

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