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Can You Be A Conservative and Not Support Scott Walker?

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This is a repost. 


I think this message needs to be sent again and it was a very powerful post.  I received many emails about it both pro and con (con mostly from liberals or PUP [Public Union party] and one maybe still a friend but I am not sure). 


I think I will do a post like this called – Can You Be A Conservative and Not Support Sheriff David Clark.  Seems to me the answer will also be a NO.  But those Public Sector Union workers who think they are conservative might just disagree with me.  Do they have real reasons or does it boil down to Sheriff Clark privatizing and taking away Public Sector Union jobs?


Question - Can You Be A Conservative and Not Support Scott Walker?


Answer - The straight and honest answer is “NO”! 


Politics, by nature, are polarizing and I am sorry if anyone is upset with me!


The basis of Conservatism has its anchor firmly in being fiscally conservative first and foremost and without that fiscally conservative part, you are not a conservative.


Answer these questions honestly to yourself!


  1. Do you want to balance the budget with NEW taxes?
  2. Do you want to balance the budget by getting a loan to finance it?
  3. Do you want to layoff workers?



It is contradictory to say, “I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal person” and claim you are a conservative.


What you really mean is for your personal money you are fiscally conservative, but for others people’s money liberal.


“The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money!”  - Margaret Thatcher


Who's down with O.P.P.?




“A liberal is a man who will give away everything he doesn’t own.”  - Frank Dane


Unless you are a trust baby, we are all fiscally conservative with our own money.  It is what you want to do with other people’s money that truly matters!


When you pull money out of your own pocket, then you are highly motivated to find inexpensive ways of doing successful things.


By law, the Governor is required to balance the budget in Wisconsin.


Scott Walker promised he wasn’t going to balance the state budget by a) raising taxes and b) getting a loan to finance things!  Been done in the past by both parties!  But the status quo always has defenders. 


Scott Walker stated he would shrink government and cut taxes.  It is the responsible thing to do.  It is the adult thing to do! 


We are in a major crisis and I believe the future is not the system of the past administrations, nor is it to compromise on these issues.  It is taking the hardline and making the hard decisions that have been so easily demised as too uncomfortable to make and implement.


“In the beginning, the Universe was created.  This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move”.  - Douglas Adams


To resolve the problem you first have to be honest in your analysis of what caused the problem.


Draconian laws do not come in a great big lump, but in a drip-drip-drip and the ever-increasing taxes and bigger and bigger growing government is what is truly eroding the middleclass with this take-take-take drip-drip-drip government entitlement how does it affect me mentality.


Governor Walker was going to and IS taking a hard stance on fixing the state budget, not just for this year, the next year, but for all the years down the road.  Dare I say that sage wisdom once again prevails?


“A liberal is someone who feels a great dept to his fellow man, which dept he proposes to pay off with your money.”  - G. Gordon Liddy


Maybe it is time to drain the swamps rather than shoot the mosquitoes?


Most politicians’ idea of long-term thinking is to fudge enough to get re-elected at the next election, not with Scott Walker.  He is making the hard choices that others were too afraid to do.  Deep down we all know that is true.


Remember what Henry Ford said: "If I'd asked the people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."


Out of control government and spending is like a hand grenade with the pin pulled out, it will blowup at some point.


There is no such thing as the right time; there is only the time of opportunity, which you have to take when it comes.


Under Tom Barrett the Government would still persists in short-term fixes which are naive in the extreme and put off the hard choices just to spare people the fact our path is unsustainable, unreasonable, and unconscionable.  The arithmetic works only one way.


However, most people don’t want to hear the truth.  They want life to just go on how it was, look on FaceBook, feed their crops on Farmville, tweet, watch American Idol, and other things.


If you are personally affected by Scott Walker, you might NOT like it, but you understand or you should if you were looking at the forest instead of the trees.  Take your personal feelings out and take a step back.


I think if you thought you were a fiscal conservative and this upsets you to the point where you say, “I am not going to support Walker again!”  You are just fooling yourself and I think you are a moderate, centrist, or lean left.  Truthfully!!


Think about it, the other option now would be higher taxes or going back to borrowing money.  The cash cow also know as the public purse, the taxpayer, is broke and along with it the state.  Yes broke, not bankrupt, there is a difference to the two words they don’t mean the same thing!


Well, you can always just NOT vote.  So much for your principles.


If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing!


These people want the best of both worlds without wanting the reality of things.  We know the types, have my cake, and eat it too!


Denial is not a river in Egypt, yet the ostrich approach does work for some! 


Careful Mr. Ostrich.  You may choke on the sand.


You could vote for the moderate, but you are not a conservative.  This has nothing to do with “Towing the Party line”, but everything with doing the hard correct things and not the easy ones.


Principles only mean something if you stand by them when it's inconvenient.


I have been told that in politics, there is no right or wrong only what you can get away with!  Politics isn’t a noble or honorable profession anymore.  It hasn’t been for the longest time.  Think of JFK, was it even then?


It has been said that the only difference between perception and reality is that it’s harder to change perception.


There is the old saying that there is your side and my side and the truth is somewhere in the middle, but in this case the truth is way over on the right side close to the Republicans and Scott Walker.  It is with the Conservatives!


Lesser of two evils? 


Yes, it does matter. 


Politicians determine how the tax I pay is spent.


Yes and it again is the Republicans and Scott Walker! 


It has to do with ideology and the basic principle of smaller government and lower taxes!


Putting up a fuss doesn’t mean it is right!


Do you want smaller government, which means less government jobs, which means less government workers or staying the same and every increasing government? 


If you cannot say smaller government, which means less government jobs, which means less government workers, you are not a conservative.  You are something else, but NOT a conservative.


You can be a Republican and NOT a conservative.


Smaller government is better government!


The reason for the state government is NOT to provide JOBS, it is to provide services that otherwise in the private sector could not be provided!


Government spending and government jobs only take money away from the people that are working to bring dollars to the region.  Shuffling dollars, ("fairness") only leaves us all with less money, and keeps our businesses from competing because of the higher costs.


I never believe any efficiency savings in bureaucracy - because these have to be enacted by the very civil servants who don't want them!


If you want lower taxes, which means less government, which means less regulation, which means fewer entitlements, which means less social programs.


If you cannot say lower taxes, which means less government, which means less regulation, which means fewer entitlements, which means less social programs, you are not a conservative.  You are something else, but NOT a conservative.


You don’t have to walk in lockstep with all conservatives on all issues, but if you don’t support smaller government and lower taxes you are NOT a conservative.  Both President Bushes were NOT conservatives, but they were both Republicans.


Remember back to November your choices were, Tom the Taxer or Walker the Slasher (as my liberal friends called him).  Tom was going to Tax us and Walker was going to slash government!  Pretty clear cut!


We need the right size government we can afford on a budget!


How about low income government for a change?


There is no magical pot of money stored up and labeled worry about it tomorrow!


Time to start being an adult instead of acting like a child or teenager!


Which type are you?


Economics 101

When one is short of money at home one has 2 choices.


1. Cut back, use off brand rather than name brand, wear a jumper and turn off the heating, turn off lights when not required, cook more / eat out less and so on....




2. Sell all your furniture for a few hundred dollars & keep eating salmon & steak.  When times are better, borrow a load of money to buy some new furniture.


Buy low, sell high.  The basic principle of capitalism and retailing.


There are basically two types of leaders:


1 - Lead by example

2 - Do as I say, NOT as I do


Which one is Scott Walker? 


Hint, Hint. 1, one!


But if you were a conservative you wouldn’t need the hint, you would have just known. 


Be absolutely clear about who you are and what you stand for.  Refuse to compromise.

- Brian Tracy


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