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From the Email Inbox Part II

Cudahy, school, School Board, Teachers, Taxes

This is a continuation of “From the Email Inbox”, which was a frustrated City taxpayer and resident on the lack of information in the City of Cudahy.


I suggested to the author of the email to contact Superintendent Heiden and this was their response back to me.







It’s amazing that they just don’t get it.  If the establishment would just give out information to the parents and community, there would be a free flow of communication. 


The summary clearly stated that Heiden gave the Cudahy WEAC assurances not to change certain things back in March.  I don’t understand why the rush to get a long term contract without any ability to reduce costs that may be coming in the short-term. 


Fine, as I said things may have changed in the meantime.  But who knows, there isn’t much information flowing from the district to parents. 


For example, I do not know for sure, but my understanding is that the school district has now downsized the amount of teachers for PhysEd and Orchestra (maybe just not replacing those that retired) and thus the classes.  I think it’s a shame that if this was the consequence of budgets that they could have bargained for savings from the Cudahy WEAC and kept those.  If it was for another reason then why not detail.  Again, this is not something I am 100% sure of, which leads to the issue that there is no communication from the school district or Cudahy government.  They surely sent a letter stating the change in principals.  Could they not also detail other changes in the district at the same time?  Is it going to be a shocking first of the school year when the parents all find out about changes?  There is no reason to wait to communicate with parents about their children's education.  I really just don’t know what is fact and what is fiction.  Why does a single parent have to call up and ask questions?  The information should flow to all parents and community.  You shouldn’t have to attend a board meeting to get information about your community and school. 


I’m not going to call him directly as my children go to school here and I wouldn’t want my children to get a raw deal over political discussions by adults and especially with the Superintendent. 


Even further, I don’t know what he wants to know about anyway, why not respond with information rather than talk directly to one parent.  Better yet, start a blog so community members can ask questions and give feedback.  I think the school district and board has forgotten that they also are representative of the community of taxpayers not only the parents with children.

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