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From The Email Inbox - 8-25-11

Cudahy, school, School Board, Teachers

Subject: City of Cudahy and Cudahy School System




If the communication in the City and community is lacking where better place to make an example than the school. 


They should talk to us as adults and let us know what is happening.  Saying a 0% net contract to me means, no raises but still "Step increases." 


So isn’t that a raise? 


I know it would to me in the real world.  This is the issue, if the Superintendent and the school board wants to parse phrases and issues, we in the community can do the same thing and pick this apart bit by bit.  It creates the hysteria and disinformation that is not needed.


There was an "employee handbook" on the website, but it was more of a union work place rules booklet.  You can even see the link words on the website under Staff/Staff Home.  The connected link has been disabled and the direct linked file has been taken off the server files. 


The June 27th Agenda and the meeting minutes show directly that a motion to approve to continue current employee benefits was done.  Did they vote for this back in March and now just approve this? 




From what the Superintendent is saying, the Meeting Agendas don’t match what the meetings are about and what is voted on. 


As Arsenio used to say. "Makes Ya go Hmmmmmmm...."


I am still confused as to if there is a contract or not.  And if there is, how long was the contract extended for?  3months, 1 year, 2 years?

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