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A Different Perspective on Cudahy Schools

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This is an email response to my post called A Conversation With Two Cudahy Elementary Teachers from Angie Fech.




Obviously Teachers 1 & 2 are NOT fans of students w/special needs (SN) & feel that students w/SN receive special treatment-not true. 


Students w/SN are entitled to Free & Appropriate Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) just as other students, incl. GT students.  I'm going to bet they don't have any students w/SN in their classrooms & probably don't want to be "bothered" by having "those" kids in their classrooms (yes, those comments made by 2 Cudahy elementary teachers 7 yrs ago about my son-they said that's what MPS is for). The reason we fought so hard 7 yrs ago to have a CD (cognitive development) program implemented in Cudahy school district @ elementary school level is because there wasn't one in place! 


We were told to look @ outside school dist. to find something that would accommodate our son's needs.  We were new to the system & I did just that, only to find out that MPS would accept my 2 "typical" kids but wouldn't take my son w/SN. 


At that point we came back to Cudahy (we pay taxes, live here & felt strongly that ALL of our children s/b able to attend school where we live), we identified a CD licensed teacher in Cudahy whose training wasn't being used, approached the Superintendent, Dir of Student Svc and principal of school where the CD teacher was & worked together-WE DID NOT BULLY ANY SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS!  We took the path necessary to provide a learning environment that all my children are entitled to.


When my typical children aren't being challenged enough, we work w/their teachers to adapt curriculum.  Perhaps teachers need to create opportunities for students to excel instead of blaming the SN program for what they don't have.  SN program is growing because the pop. is growing.  Is there actual proof that GT program eligibility is growing?  If so, it s/b expanded.  School is for EVERYONE-SN, Typical & GT. ALL students matter, not just certain pop.  BTW, we live in Cudahy, how many teachers pay taxes & live here?

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