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Bloggers, Blogging, and the Truth

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I want to clear the air, set some things straight, and bring to light the truth.


Fellow blogger Jerrianne Hayslett recently wrote a blog post about me titled, “This Cudahy Resident Really Cares”.


Edit – She means in condescending way – and I really do care for her husband’s health and for the taxpayers of South Milwaukee.  In fact, if she would like, she can email me and I will cut her lawn for the next few weeks.  Mowing the lawn is really bad on the heart.  All she has to do is supply the mower and gas and I will supply the time.  I did that for my dad when he had his heart issue and my uncle Ron with his.  People helping people is what it is about.


She writes for a living and tells a very good narrative and leads people instead of letting the readers decide things for themselves.  She lets her readers know she is far superior to them with the 10 dollar big SAT vocabulary building words.  She must subscribe to the notion that makes her have gravitas!


She starts and sets the tone as, “She was minding her own business” when wham, she was blindsided and then gets to the point that I emailed her.


I have emailed her in the past, but she just ignores them much like when I comment on her blog.


She falsely claims she doesn’t know who I am or reads my blog:


“Oh, that’s where I’d seen the name. Randy Hollenbeck. He's another NOW blogger. I have only seen the name, but haven’t read his posts. Apparently, the reverse isn’t the case – or it wasn’t at least once.”


Now that maybe the first time she wants you to think, so it seems like this is a hit and run blindside.


But she has read my blogs, does, and has even written about me, the last time though she didn’t use my name.


March 23, 2011

The RIGHT to Collectively Bargain is in the Law – “I keep hearing and reading assertions--including in another blog on this website  (I am the only conservative on this website that she refers to so it is me)


She also points out that she never met me, not true we met years ago at a blogging meeting.  Maybe it is just me and I am not a memorable kind of guy.


One could say she is being disingenuous and dishonest.  No, I will just call it like it is, she is a liar!


I could be mistaken here, but I think I also meet her at the big counter Wal-Mart rally she and former Cudahy Mayor McCue put together at the Cudahy public hearing back in 2008.


Come to think of it, I wrote a blog about elitist and she did a blog about something how she was proud to be one.  She did read that one for material as well.  You can do some digging for that one if you want. 


I find it odd that she would think I don’t read all the blogs.  I read just as many from the left as I do from the right and she and I are direct opposites.


Maybe her hang up is that I am a Compassionate Conservative.  Maybe that is her hang up.


Now back to her narrative.  She tells you the reader about her husband’s condition (mind you information that she wants you to know before she spoon feeds you my email).  This information is not known to me when I sent the email.  I am very sorry for her husband’s conditions and honestly hope the best for him.


I sent the email since she has been up in arms in the past about Wal-Mart and taxes, but here she has been silent.


She does tell people about her one blog post she did last year “Walmart is coming to town?”, but about now that residents and many of her readers could be on the hook to clean up the site for Wal-Mart where is she?


Most people would think that is a reasonable question.  Why would we not think she owes it to her readers to talk about it?  When I stopped blogging for a good six weeks while my step mother battled cancer and lost, I had people every day asking me to look into things or wonder why I hadn’t already do so.


She tells us for her South Milwaukee Wal-Mart post last year she was pretty evenly handed, but look back at her Cudahy Wal-Mart and that one isn’t evenly handed.  Calling into question was it really about Wal-Mart or being in Cudahy or not.


Anti-Wal-Mart people just don’t give up and change their spots.  After all she is a

ardent Walmart opponent”.


So why the evenly handed now and why the lack of Wal-Mart posts when it is right in her backyard?


She then makes a statement I am “intent on provoking conflict here” when she needed to be telling here readers to say no to tax money being used for Wal-Mart.


I also like the word selection of I “emerged” like I am a bug or pest!


(Also notice how she then drops my name – that is a trick to not legitimize the person and to minimize them at the same time)  


What is next, Mr. H slithered out?


Now, as is my custom, here are the emails in their entirety.




From Randy Hollenbeck



date Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 11:19 AM

subject Wal-Mart


I am astonished that not a peep has been made by you on the South Milwaukee Wal-Mart.  Not even when the S. Milw taxpayers are on the hook for cleanup to bring them there.


Even I as a pro Wal-Mart person am saddened to have taxpayers pay. 50% of the cleanup.  Wal-Mart has deep pockets and should have paid.


This puts into question you authentic Wal-Mart rant a few years ago and makes me wonder if it was real.  Maybe all along you wanted the Wal-Mart in South Milwaukee instead of Cudahy.


Maybe you are fine as a taxpayer paying Wal-Mart to build in your community.  Maybe you are not as truthful as you claim to be,


Randy Hollenbeck







date Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 9:06 PM

subject Re: Wal-Mart


Dear Mr. Hollenbeck,


Right now, my focus is on my husband who suffered a heart attack last week and came home from the hospital yesterday following surgery.


Jerrianne Hayslett




From Randy Hollenbeck



Date Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 11:17 PM

Subject Re: Wal-Mart


Dear Mrs. Hayslett,


I am very sorry to hear about your husband and hope he is okay.  I shall pray for him and ask my church members to do the same.


I am understanding of your situation today, but Wal-Mart has been knocking at your door for awhile now and haven’t heard much of a peep from you and that’s all I am going to say.


Randy Hollenbeck

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