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Cudahy Schools & Act 10

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I received an email (I will post the chain below minus personal info) that if I had some free time on my hand I would normally follow up more on.  Work has been so, so busy that I just don’t have the time to do it. 


I did email Cudahy School Superintendent Jim Heiden and have his response below.






Can you forward this question on to the School Super Heiden for me?  I don’t want any repercussions and would rather go through a middleman like yourself.


Ask him if the Cudahy School District is taking the insurance portion and pension portion required by Act 10 out of full time employees pay?


I hear is that the answer should be half.  It is either the insurance or the pension, but not both.  The one currently not taken out will be after Dec 31.  This is supposedly a present to the staff, compliments of Jim Heiden, approved by the school board.


This came through the board and their status quo to benefits, until the employee handbook is done, again compliments of the school board, and recommended by School Super Heiden.


Concerned Citizen




Dear Concerned Citizen,


Act 10 insurance and pension is only required for state employees, it is a suggestion for all others but not required.








Ok, however, school districts have broken their unions, like in Cudahy, where they are developing the handbook, and not a contract.  It may be worth checking into.


Concerned Citizen






You have to wonder where people get this information.  First, effective August 25th the staff became responsible for their 1/2 of the WRS (state pension).  That is the date the Dept of Administration provided all school districts. Appropriate payments began as directed by Act 10 & 38


Secondly, school districts did not have to change insurance benefits if they chose not to.  Only state workers were mandated by Acts 10 & 38 to pay a minimum of 12.8 percent of their insurance.  However, we presented three proposals to the Board of Education for consideration to help us close an estimated $300,000 gap in our budget.


The first proposal was just a flat increase in premium share from 5% to 15%.


Proposal #2 was a modification of what we currently have.  I'll send you the summary chart next week.  In essence it raised the premium share to 8%, raised the deductibles for various groups, raised the out of pocket maximums and change the drug co-pays from straight dollar amounts to percentages for tier II and tier III drugs.


The final option was to switch to a high deductible Health Savings Plan.


All three plans would have saved approximately $300,000.  The Board opted for the second plan feeling that it was getting us in the right direction.  The plan will be reviewed annually to make sure it is reaching our objective of keeping costs down while still providing a good benefit to the employee.


The plan design changes go in effect on January 1, 2012.  We choose that date because Plan #2 would require more out of pocket expenses from the employees.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to plan to withhold more in their flexible spending accounts if the so desired.  (Annual election is in November.)  Another consideration for the plan implementation date was to make sure that all of the employees were educated on how the plan will work - this is a major change in the prescription drug portion of the policy.


Hope this clarifies the concern.


Jim Heiden


School District of Cudahy

2915 E. Ramsey Ave

Cudahy, WI 53110


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