Different Types of School Board Meetings

Back awhile ago, I was confused between the different types of school board meetings on the Cudahy school board calendar:   Committee of the Whole meetings and the Board of Education meetings. 

At the time, the only difference between the two types of meetings seemed that the Committee of the Whole meetings were at the beginning of the month, on a Monday.   And the Board of Education meetings were at the end of the month, on a Monday.  But other than that, I did not know the difference.

So, I just asked our Superintendent.

As usual, he gave me an immediate response.  Later, he made this a topic of one of his Superintendent messages.  Apparently, I was not the only one confused about this subject.

I am copying and pasting this information below from the Superintendent Message page to here, since this information is now buried.  I find this information very useful and informative for people who may want to attend school board meetings, but who may not know details - or who to ask.

There is a meeting tonight: a Committee of the Whole Meeting.  Here is the agenda: October 10 agenda. One of the topics of discussion is the Turf Committee report.  This is a subject of interest to many families I know in Cudahy.


(Copied directly from our school district's web site.)

Committee of the Whole Meeting

This meeting is always held on the 2nd Monday of the month.  During the school year, this meeting rotates to all of the school buildings. You can check the calendar on the website. During this meeting, each board member is the chair of a part of the agenda. The agenda topics are generated through board, administrative or community requests. If you have a request contact me directly. At this meeting the board receives reports and usually is able to have a more in-depth conversation about issues.
Currently the Committee of the Whole board policy does not provide an opportunity for public comment; however, the public is always invited. The building administration also attends this meeting to act as a resource for the board.
Following the Committee of the Whole the board has a short business meeting to act on routine matters of the district such as paying bills, dealing with personnel matters, etc.
Board of Education Meeting

This meeting is held on the 4th Monday of the month. The meeting is held at the Administration Building, 2915 E. Ramsey Avenue. This meeting is the official meeting where the bulk of district business is conducted. Items discussed at the Committee of the Whole meeting are brought forward for formal action. In addition the board also conducts routine business as described under the previous paragraph.
At this meeting the public is invited to address the board at two different times during the meeting. The first time is as the meeting begins and comments are limited to items on the agenda. At the end of the meeting there is another opportunity to address the board on matters regarding our school system. There are special rules that apply to comments and length of addresses. Those rules are printed on the back of each agenda. They are attached here for your convenience.
I would note that the Board does not permit discussion of personnel issues in open session.  The reason for this has to do with avoiding a potential lawsuit from the party being discussed. Personnel issues are issues that have to be handled confidentially. If you have a personnel concern, please contact your building principal or me directly. We will be happy to follow up on your concerns.
You can also send the Board of Education a letter expressing your concerns. The letters are sent to the board with the board packet prior to each meeting. If you are interested in doing that, send the letter to our office in care of the Board President. We will make the appropriate copies and get them to each Board Member.

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