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Cudahy Losing Another Business

Cudahy, Development, Mayor, Tony Day

When are the powers that be in Cudahy going to wake up?????


Roadrunner Transportation Services is moving their Milwaukee truck terminal from Cudahy to Brown Deer.  The move will be completed by April!


I told the previous administration they were looking to move and not once did the administration lift a finger to talk with them.  Now, former Mayor McCue did stop in and talk to them, but that was about if he could put an election sign up on their property.


I told the current administration and got, ‘Well we will have to have a meeting with them and find out their intent!”, and nothing came of that.  So they are leaving!!!!


Now I know so many of our, stick their noses up at trucks, city officials will say privately, “Good I don’t like the trucks and as long as the Corporation Headquarters is here who cares!”  Well, let’s just wait and see how long the Corporation Headquarters stays.


We need to get rid of most of our current members of the CDA and replace them with only people that live in Cudahy and want to see Cudahy move forward.


We need to get rid of most of our current Common Council if they too don’t want to buckle down and get things done.  And I am not talking about spending all kinds of time looking where the City can raise fees.  Those of you that claim you are fiscally conservative, but keep up with this, “We have to raise fees!” are phonies!


FEES are TAXES and all you are doing is playing a shell game with raising taxes.


We need a Mayor who is going to get and do something besides wait until business come to us.  Here is a clue, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO COME TO US!!!!!


I am sick and tired of Cudahy being on the losing side of everything.


Here is what a major developer said to me.  “The problem with the City of Cudahy is they are not on the same page.  You have the CDA who thinks they are in some club and they like playing house and they are the most important part.  The CDA is just an advisory board and their powers need to be put in check.  You have a Common Council that is leaderless and content on just passing the time.  You have a Mayor who thinks if a business wants to move to Cudahy the City doesn’t need to make the first move.  There is no clear cut direction for development in Cudahy.  They are still antibusiness!  The Mayor needed to come in and clean house and he didn’t do that!”


Here is what a Wal-Mart rep told me about South Milwaukee verse Cudahy. “South Milwaukee gets it.  They know things will get better and to get better they have to be pro-business.  The CDA, Chamber of Commerce, Common Council, and Mayor are on the same page and want to see progress.  I thought once Cudahy threw out Mayor McCue things would change, but it hasn’t and will not until the City gets new blood and finds the direction they want to go!”


Notice to City Officials – Get your act together or pressure will be applied to replace you!


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