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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Rowing a boat at a county park

   How many people remember when you could rent a row boat at a county park?  Humboldt and many other parks had boats to rent. At Humboldt Park in the old (now razed) pavilion we used to rent row boats for about an hour and then return them to the pavilion dock.  Ice skating used to start at the same location as the boat dock.  There used to be a concession inside of the pavilion and you could buy popcorn there.  When there were only a few customers, the ducks used to come inside and search for popcorn.  It is too bad that we no longer can rent boats in the county parks. It was good friendly excercise to row a boat with your friends.  Now our parks are badly in need of help to repair all of the delayed maintenance in our parks.  For many years now, our parks have shown signs of neglect.  The park workers do their best, but Milwaukee County eliminates needed help and supplies. It is sad to look at pictures of the parks as they once were and then look at them now. Please help us restore our parks.  Contact your local politicians to seek the help needed.  Next year we have elections again.  Remember the politicians who have helped us and vote against those who do not help us.  You are a voter, and every vote is important.

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