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Guest Blog By Cudahy Citizen - Xenophobia

Guest Blog

This is a response to Ms. Hayslett's newest blog entry titled “A non-Made in China Holiday



While I suppose there is no need to wish that on a Liberal blog the topic would be about our heroes the Vets on Veterans Day, I can appreciate their inept attempt and what they may think is pro-American, but yet again they fail to see the whole picture.  Firstly, Id ask if all these local places pay full benefits, health care and retirement to both full and part time employees.  Do they pay your so-called living wage to all employees?


Hair salon?  Then the combs, brushes, scissors, capes, parts or entirety of the chairs, bottles, hair care products all could come in part from “China,” as you put it.


Gym?  Parts or entirety of the machines, floor products, cleaning products, and electronics all could come in part from China.


Auto-detail?  Cleaning products, bottles, wipes, parts of your car or the entire car itself, items in the business, buckets, sponges, and vacuum cleaner all could come in part from China.


Driveway sealing?  Asphalt is a hydrocarbon compound created from the cracking of petroleum into various other by-products such as gasoline.  That compound can thus come in part from the Middle East.  The buckets, tools, parts all in part could come from China.


Lawn mowed/Snow plowed?  Mower/snow plow, oil, parts could come in part from China and gasoline in part from Middle East.


Golf?  Shafts, balls, bags, gloves, tees, clothes, turf mats, flags, and carts could come in part from China.


Oil change?  Filters, hoses, tools, barrels, and funnels all could come in part from China.  Oil in part from the Middle East?


Restaurants?  Dinner ware, cleaning products, fixtures, beverages, paper for the menu, and packaging all could come in part from China.  Shipping to the restaurant uses petroleum in part from Middle East.


Cleaning?  Products, bottles, wipes, clothes, and buckets all could come in part from China.


Computer repair?  Not pointing to the fact the original computer could come from China, but the tools, hardware, software, electronics all could come in part from China.


Local crafts?  Ill take this at face value, but I don’t see a lot of sheep here in the South Shore area but I don’t think the majority of people are shearing sheep themselves, then spinning it on a wheel around here.  So they must be getting the wool from the store, where as you can guess products, shelving, tools, machines, and papers that can come in part from China.  I don’t see many gem mines here in South Shore, maybe I am missing something.  Doubt that they are using real gems, so probably plastic.  You may not know this but most commercial plastic is made from petroleum.  Plastics could be in part from China and the petroleum in part from the Middle East.  Wooden boxes?  If your talking about balsa wood, well China.  Depending on what higher grade wood, it also could come from mostly China, Asian, Russia, Indonesia, or countless other areas non-US.  The stains and tools to make the boxes could come in part from China.  Processing and shipping all the wools, beads and wood use petroleum products in part from Middle East.


Hometown Theater?  Ill assume you don’t mean Chinese acrobats.  Clothes, materials, props, paper, tickets, trailers, and ballerinas could all come in part from China.


Musicians?  Instruments, cases, reeds, strings, sheet music could all come in part from China.


Please site your source that 50c of every $5 stays in the community from a string of lights.  Because this is totally false.  You can not say 90% of the cost of a good goes to China.


Xenophobia – the fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.  (Merriam-Webster)


I am not sure where the xenophobia towards Asians and foreigners comes from around here.  As you can see, we are all surrounded by global products and people.  To say you wont shop at a store because they have Chinese products is baseless on its own merits.  There mostly isn’t a store, restaurant, home, or business that isn’t in someway connected to other parts of the world.


The most important economic concept to understand is the cost breakdown of products and consumables.  Depending on the economist, roughly 3-8 percent of American’s personal consumption expenditures are sent to China.  China is not a manufacturing nation in direct definition.  China is an assembly nation.  The natural resources, intellectual concepts and most of the parts come mostly from other nations even the US.  The Chinese assemble the parts into the products, get this, that US and global consumers actually want and buy (by gosh they are evil).  So where does the bulk of that money go when we buy a product from China?  In economic turns the US is not as globalized as a definition would envision.  The bulk of the cost of products is the transporting, marketing, servicing, store or building rental and ownership, salaries, wages, benefits, loan costs, research and development, and shareholders.


Breaking it down and depending on which economic indices you use, roughly between 1-3% of US consumer spending goes to Made in China labeled products.  Another roughly .07 – 1% sent to China from the products used by services.  Services include housing, transportation, medical care, healthcare, recreation, household functions, and others.  Final tally, using 2011 US International Trade Data and Commerce Departments statistics on spending, we see between 1-3% of US consumption dollars after food and energy going for Chinese goods. 


If you really don’t want to buy goods from China, about the least percentage of a goods product that goes to China at between .005 - .1% is energy goods such as gasoline and fuel oil.  But then again you are then fueling the Middle East, or are they ok?  Why pick on the Chinese.


What is blindingly clear is that it’s not the goods that are the main components of costs, it’s the value, margin, and service added on at the sale point.  That computer you write on and use, yes it was probably made in China or Asia in part.  However, it is marked up many, many percentage points which cover the transporting, marketing, servicing, employee costs, warehousing, and other value added fees all of which mostly went to Americans that sold it to you.  Get over the anti-Chinese xenophobia that curves your spine.  Support your local community because of the hard work and value added services they provide, not because you think they don’t have Chinese products.





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