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All In Strategy - What Happens If Governor Walker Wins The Recall!

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When you go “All In” and lose, who do you blame?


By being able to go “all-in” you can rely on the skills of psychology and intimidation, and bluffing, big risk, big reward!


In order to call an all-in bet, you must be confident that you have your opponent beat.


Russ Feingold: "This game's not over until we win."


If Governor Walker faces a recall and he wins, it will mean he has a mandate to not only continue the direction he is taking Wisconsin, but it will accelerate. 


Governor Walker will become something most people never get to see, an active living martyr with a mandate.


He will be virtually unbeatable for many years to come.  He will be emboldened and so will the rest of Republicans and Conservatives.


This would be much different than if Walker would win a normal re-election, this would be a referendum on him and his policies.


What will be top on his list?  Making Wisconsin a right to work state and merit-based pay system I am sure will top his list.  Cutting many State Public Sector Jobs while privatizing them as well.  And those jobs that remain, huge pay cuts.  Real pay cuts, not just making workers’ pay a small amount of their pension and health care.


And all of you lefties and Public Sector Union Workers will have only yourself to thank for it.  As you will have made Governor Walker the martyr he will be come.  When you put all chips in and lose big time, you have to live with the outcome.


This will have a ripple effect in America and will bring Conservatism to the forefront in the Nation and we will see the Tea Party play an even bigger role. 


So if you are hoping and praying Wisconsin doesn’t become a right to work state, the best thing is the Governor Walker doesn’t get recalled, because he will win the recall and have a mandate that he wouldn’t have if he has to be reelected in 2014.  Blame yourself, not Governor Walker and the Republicans if he does win the recall, you will have made him a living martyr and you will have to live with the consciences it will bring.


That is what you will get with this “All In” strategy!

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