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Vapor Development - In the Hopper/In the Pipeline

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Okay Cudahy residents I am just sick and tired of hearing that Cudahy development is “In the Hopper/In the Pipeline”.  That statement has been the moniker of the McCue administration and is now the Day administration.  I don’t SEE anything coming of it!


You cannot oversimplify a simple problem and situation.


It is vapor development. 


Cudahy is overlooked by business and commercial opportunities because we lack leadership, direction and the will to get things done.


Did you know we have a new Economic Development Head? 


Do you know what his name is? 


Why hasn’t the website updated?  No new info.  Not even his name.


I am tired of hearing, the deals are behind closed doors and will come out when they come out.  Fact is, they will not come out because there isn’t any.  It is vapor development. 


Let’s face the truth!  That many of the people in Cudahy Government don’t truly care to see Cudahy get development.  It doesn't matter to them if it's right or wrong.  All that matters is THEM.  They are happy the way it is.  They are more worried about their jobs, their legacy, their own ideas instead of what is best for Cudahy and its residents.


The only place Cudahy is going is down, sometimes doing nothing is the right thing, but not when it comes to Cudahy development.  Smart growth, if not dead, is on life support…  Status quo always has it fans.


We are the architects of our own dilemmas.  We have only ourselves to blame, we need term limits, we need to make sure our CDA always has Cudahy residents only on it, we need new people that want development in Cudahy.  We need people that understand we need to start lowing taxes in Cudahy.


I can honestly say, with the choice of McCue taking us in the wrong direction and doing nothing and Day just doing nothing, I still would vote for Day.  However, if Otto or anyone else is serious about development, I will vote for them instead of Day unless major things happen.


Whether you like the candidates or not, sometimes you may have to choose among what you consider to be the lesser of two evils.


We can debate the pros and cons forever but the reality is that we'll be lucky to see development and positive change in Cudahy until someone really wants to make it happen.


You gotta wanta do it!


We need someone to step forward and say, “Enough is enough!  Let’s rollup our sleeves and get some development in here and move the tax burden off the backs of homeowners and get the businesses to make up the difference!”


Management is about doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.


We need to learn from the mistake of McCue and Day: give no chance to complacency, remain focused, and act decisively with speed and accuracy.


We need a real reformer like Alderman McCue was before he fell for the dark side when he went to Milwaukee Government.  But the status quo always has defenders!



[Edit – The Fall/Winter Cudahy Newsletter which arrived in the snail mail on 11/15 on Page 4 does have a small blurb on Economic Development and our new hire]  


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