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Cudahy CDA Members

CDA, Cudahy

I want to state that I have received many emails asking, “Who are our CDA Members and how do I email them?”


I will list who the members are.  As far as emailing them, besides the elected members, I cannot find an email address to contact them.  You would think we would have email addresses for them and the citizens of Cudahy could contact them, but no!  Not in this or the previous administration. 


[They all read this blog, so you can always comment here or email me a guest blog and I will put it up.]


For some reason they want(ed) to keep people in the dark, so much for open honest communications.


[Oh, that is right, that was open communications to the alderpersons – no wait when I check with them too they feel they are out of the loop on many things!]


Maybe they feel the residents are not smart enough and they just know better. 


Maybe it is an oversight. 


Maybe it is because they don’t care what the residents want since they have their own agenda.


Maybe it is just laziness.


Maybe it is just too hard.


Lots of maybes and very little known.


I also want to answer the question or comment of CDA members living in Cudahy.


While the current batch of CDA members live in Cudahy that isn’t the way it has been in the past and may not be in the future.  I have been very vocal in the past to the powers that be that Cudahy needs to make sure all CDA members live in Cudahy.  If you think back to the Wal-Mart battle it was a non-Cudahy resident on the Plan Commission that was very vocal against Wal-Mart.  People living in Cudahy need to make the decisions that affect our city, not someone who doesn’t have skin in the game. 


I have stated to the alderpersons and mayors we do need an ordinance that makes sure that such a powerful group like the CDA members live in Cudahy and we need term limits.  I get the same line, “We may not get the best person for the job!”


That is the biggest load of horse dung I have ever heard!


Besides the CDA agenda and minutes on the city website, where is the CDA listed on it?


Should we not know info on who are members are?  After all they were for the most part appointed and making decisions that affect us.  Please and don’t give me that line that they are an advisory board only, because their powers are beyond that!


Now the list.


Rick Ceschin, Chair

Marty Van Hoof, Vice-Chair

Joan Houlehen, Treasurer

Ald. Joe Mikolajczak

Ald. Jason Litkowiec

Sara Eberhardy

Sean Smith

City Accountant Bruce Schuknecht, Exec. Director




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