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If the Packers Can Make Adjustments, Why Can't Government?

As I watched bits an pieces of the Packer game on Thanksgiving, I noticed it was a tight game going into the half.  The Packers came out of half time, making their adjustments and pretty much dominated the second half.   If the Packers had not made any adjustments at half time and continued to play as they did in the first half, would they have still won the game? The eye test shows that they were the correct adjustments.

The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, otherwise known as the Bush Tax Cuts, are examples of the Federal Government not looking at any change.  If circumstances have changed, then why have there not been changes to the plans?  If after 8-10 years it appears that something is not working as it was intended to, why do we keep holding out hope that it will eventually work. If the Packers can realize that changes need to be made to succeed, why can't our Federal Government.  These plans today do not pass the eye test to me as having been succesful based on their titles. 

Economic developmental, or the lack of it, in Cudahy needs to make adjustments.  What may have worked 10 or 20 years ago does not appear to pass the eye test today. It appears that adjustments need to be made by our local officials to bring successful development to Cudahy.  If the plan for economic development for Cudahy was established 10 years ago, than why are we holding out hope that this plan is the best one moving forward? The eye test proves that with no new development, it may be time to reconsider the paln.

It takes 30 minutes of game action to realize that changes need to be made.  The changes are made in the 15-20 minutes that half time allows.  If the changes are successful, you will win the game, if not, you have a week or so to come up with another game plan.  How long do we give elected and appointed officials before they realize that a new game plan may be need? What is an acceptable time frame to consider the success of Government? We give elected officials 3-6 years to prove their worth. Is this an acceptable time frame to determine to value of Governments plans for success.

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