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Change and Adjustments

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Fellow blogger and friend Kevin Fech asked the question, “If the Packers Can Make Adjustments, Why Can't Government?


Now what Kevin was talking about was tax cuts on the Federal Government level specifically the so-called Bush Tax Cuts and lack of economic development and direction in Cudahy.  In that what we were doing wasn’t working and adjustments need to be made.


We now need to think how much worse it would have been if the “Bush Tax Cuts” were taken out! 


Things would have gone from bad to worse!  That is something both sides knew which is why the tax cuts were not taken out.


Change…  That is what Obama campaigned on.  It was like the unfunny joke that wouldn't end.  But his change was to turn America from a Capitalist Country and move or “change” us to Socialist Country.  That is the wrong type of adjustment our country needs.


Back in 1927, an American Socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for President on the Socialist Party ticket, said that the American people would never vote for socialism but he said under the name of liberalism the American people would adopt every fragment of the socialist program.


Socialism is failing in Europe today and this is the direction Obama wants to take us!


Socialism is an idea followed without intelligent thought.


All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.


BTW, those of you who keep insisting that the TEA Party is just another word for the Republican Party REALLY don't have a clue.  Most TEA Partiers I know are about as fed up with the Republicans as they are the Democrats.  It comes down to smaller government, less taxes, less pork projects and less entitlements and not just the struggle to drive the car!


The TEA Party is an unorganized group of citizens who come from ALL WALKS OF LIFE, who believe we citizens are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and our US Government is out of control with their fiscal irresponsibility!


The TEA Party believes in fiscal responsibility and the US Government should not SPEND and BORROW more than the government brings in, based on we the citizens are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!


We have all learned, if we'll admit it to ourselves, that lower tax rates increase revenue collections since they stimulate the economy.  Let us keep more of what we earn, and we'll find ways to earn even more than we were before, and tax collections increase.


For Cudahy, I have talked at length that we need change, not just change for change sake, but change because we have no direction, no leader, no fire in our governmental belly and most importantly, no economic development and upside.


Well, as someone said, it's always easier to see where people are coming from than where they're going.


"There are two types of people — those who come into a room and say, 'Well, here I am!' and those who come in and say, 'Ah, there you are.”  Frederick L. Collins


Let me step through something that many people just don’t get.  This is true on a national and local level and yes this will take some history lessons.


 History lessons???


Yes it will require some political history as it started in 1960 with the birth of what we call today liberalism.  Conservatism was born as a counter to the liberal movement in 1964 with Barry Goldwater. 


Now yes, I am sure you are saying they existed before that and you would be correct, just not to the game and rules of today’s politics.  Ever hear of my daddy’s democrats or JFK Democrats, they rejected liberalism and that was a time when both parties embraced fiscal conservatism and it was social issues that separated us.  We as political parties were closer.  It is important to study the Rules for Radicals because that movement pushed the liberal agenda nationally and forever changed things.  A career politician will stand for what he thinks people will fall for.  The only problem with voting out the crooked politicians and voting in people who care is that when it all comes down to it, there really aren't all that many that care or aren't corrupt.  It's a sad state of affairs.


So by 1968 you have four parties.  Democrats and Liberals on the left and Republicans and Conservatives on the right.  They played the dance for many years with the swing from one to the other.  Along the way, the Conservatives would just adopt the Republican way.  They call this becoming part of the machine.  Today the once Conservatives who want the power are called the Washington Republicans, the old guard or the Establishment.  They want the Democrats out of power to just take over the power.  So along came some Conservatives who are tired of the machine consuming them.  That is what happened to McCue, again look local as the national is just magnified.  These Conservatives called themselves the TEA Party.  Taxed Enough Already. 


It means finally playing by their rules.  That doesn’t mean full force but it does mean finally playing our professional hockey/basketball players in the Olympics instead of playing our College guys while the rest of the world plays their professionals.  It does mean playing fair as playing fair means playing the rules of the game.  We didn’t make the rules, but we are playing them.  And we are making a common set of rules by dropping the rules that apply only to the right and by that there is only one set of common rules. 


Fairness is playing by the same rules; we all learned that in grade school.  Cheating is having special rules for one side while tipping the game in favor of one side.  Why would we tie one hand behind our backs if the others are not?  If the rule is the Packers kick off at the 10 yard line, but the Lions kick off at the 30 yard line that isn’t fair.  That is two different rules and in the fairness of the game, only one set is used.  Even if the Packers are a much better team we don’t spot points to attempt to make the game fair, we all play with the same rules or no rules whatsoever. 


I want my side to win and don’t think much compromise is needed.  Which side is that?  I am on the side of TEA Party as a Conservative.  I will fight back against all of the Liberals, Democrats, Establishment Republicans to bring us as close as what the Founding Fathers envisioned for America and that is the side the TEA Party as a Conservative are on.  That does mean far less government and taxes.  Right now the Liberal Democrats and Establishment Republicans are the same just with different masters.  They want bigger government, it is just a fight for power.  Reagan didn’t compromise with the Air Traffic controllers or the Soviet Union.


So what is wrong in Cudahy?


Simply put, lack of direction!!!


It’s not just a matter of knowing, but doing.


We’re a product of our own successes or failures, when you do nothing, you are nothing!


Cudahy is like the leaf floating in the wind.  Our direction just moves with the wind and is lackadaisical.  We as a city care more about who is doing something than what needs to be done.  More correctly stated, we as a city care more about doing nothing than rolling up or sleeves and get something done.


Forward and straight are not always the same direction.


Please someone from the city tell us what we have accomplished lately?  Someone, anyone???


It has been said that at least when we had Mayor Hohenfeldt we had development and direction.  Then maybe we need to tap him again or someone like him.


What we do know is the McCue and Day way didn’t and isn’t working.


We need to move away from the ‘Old Guard’ or Establishment in Cudahy, in the State and on the Federal level!


How are the Green Bay Packers doing it right? 


Hard work, noticing what does and doesn’t work, accepting blame and putting it where it belongs, take every game on its own and chunking the work on it, knowing what the goal is and working towards that goal, working together as a unit, having a leader lead them, having one voice bring inline the team, planning and communicating the plan and just plainly doing something!


"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”  - Vince Lombardi


On a state level, Governor Walker is that breath of fresh air that our state needs.  He is making the adjustments necessary to get us back on track and bring development and economic prosperity to Wisconsin.  And you know what, when Wisconsin turns around, the counties and cities in Wisconsin will also turn around.  What Scott Walker is doing for Wisconsin is what Cudahy needs. 


Now many of those on the left claiming that Cudahy needs development and adjustments will say that, but if Cudahy followed Walker that would be the wrong direction. 




On a local level we tried the far left and center left way and that didn’t work.  So it is time to make an adjustment and correct our tracking.  So if taking Cudahy to the left and center left didn’t work, logic and common sense (if you truly apply it) tells you that is the wrong direction and it needs to be stopped.


I think when some things are that far out of whack, you are left with no choice.


Man goes to the doctor and tells the doctor that whenever he hits himself with the hammer it hurts.  So the doctor tells him to stop hitting himself with the hammer.  The man goes, oh, yes I guess I should just do that instead of getting a smaller hammer.


Now let’s switch gears and look on a Federal level.  Obama is wrong for America and given another four years would take us further in the wrong direction.  For the hangers-on, we have to really get our heads around the reality of Obama is not right for America.  With Obama we got what we deserved when we gave control of America to someone who wasn’t qualified to run America.  It was like telling a middle school football coach to the Green Bay Packers.


Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have made things much worse.  If Bush crashed the car into the ditch, it still had some value, just needed to be towed and repaired.


Obama stripped the car of all value and let it roll further down the hill.


You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.


So what am I saying?


People need to wake up and smell the roses or at least smell the organic fertilizer the Dems/Liberals are spreading. 


Time to quit blaming the old administration and start taking responsibility for the lack of promised results.


You want to see real adjustments made and see real direction and leadership to turn around our rudderless ships circling the drain?


Forward motion can take many steps in the wrong direction when the person driving cannot see where they are going.


Maybe it is time to drain the swamps rather than shoot the mosquitoes?


We need to create an environment that will foster business/job growth.  Raising taxes/fees is not the answer to our current economic challenges.  Not on any level, Federal, State, County or City!


Regardless of what many may have to say, in the end, your results have to do the talking.


On the Federal Level America needs the most true Conservative President.


In Wisconsin we need the most true Conservative Governor we can and we have that with Governor Walker.


In Cudahy we need the most true Conservative Mayor we can get!


If you are truly upset with the two party system, you really need to give the TEA Party and the Conservatives a look!  We need to move away from the Establishment/Old Guard.


"What you see and hear depends a great deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are.  C.S. Lewis

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