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Recall Petition Signature Rules

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1.  DO NOT sign the petition if you disagree with these recalls of the Governor, Lt. Governor, and/or the Senator you are being asked to sign for.  Please do not fall to peer- pressure to sign or sign the petition just to get the people to go away!


2.  Ask for a State Issued I.D.  Check the name and address on it.  If the name on the I.D. does not match the name at the top of the petition sheet, remember the name and report to authorities.  It is illegal for a petitioner to circulate a petition that does not have their name at the top of the petition.  It is illegal for out of state people to collect signatures!


3.  VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT think you’re being crafty by signing a phony name, address, or whatever so that you can have your signature thrown out once it is validated.  This is for a few reasons.  The WI GAB only files the names and lists.  It’s up to the person(s) being recalled to validate the signatures.  You will just be making more work for these people to verify these signatures.  In the cases of the Gov. and Lt. Gov., there will be more than 700,000 signatures that will have to be validated and more than likely the phony signature will be missed.  Finally, it is illegal.  If someone finds out, you can get in trouble.


4.  DO NOT get crafty and take out a petition to get signatures and only to then throw them away.  Once again, it is illegal.


5.  DO NOT grab a petition from the petitioner and rip it up.  It is illegal and there are reports that some of these instances have already been reported as a felony!  Get that, a felony!  But, bullying of the Governor, Senators and others on our side are being treated as a ticketed offense.  Charges were just dropped by the Madison ADA for the death threat to the Governor by Regan somebody or other yesterday. 

But, ripping up a petition is a felony?


6.  If you hear of someone signing petitions many times or multiple sheets, try to get their name and report it.  Report ALL recall petition violations here, no matter how small or odd.


7.  Report any illegal or bullying or thug-type activity witnessed to the police in the City you are in.  Try to get as much factual information as possible and names are very useful and report it here:


8.  It is Illegal to get petitions on private property without proper permission.  Ask the petitioner if they have proper permission to be collecting signatures at this location.  Check with the store manager or building manager if in doubt and demand that they be moved if they do not.


9.  It is Illegal to leave a petition up on a bulletin board or unsupervised.


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