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Notice Something?

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Best-Performing Cities: Don’t Mess With Texas


Please take a second and read the story.


Notice it is private industry minus Washington D.C. and no mention for bike paths.  Bike paths?  Yes!!!


I have been an email war with two liberals that wanted me to know that Milwaukee is now done as a city because we didn’t waste $95,000,000 on putting in a bike path over the Hoan bridge.  One of them told me he didn’t care how high his taxes were or if any private sector companies left or went under as long as his bike path was put in.


Yes he is a public sector worker.  He works for UW-Milwaukee.


The other person just told me that if Milwaukee would have put the bike path in companies would flock to the downtown area just so the employees could bike to work!


If it was that simple, build it and they will come, every city would put in bike paths.  I did state to the second one that he was okay with taxpayer money being used for it and he told me, yes.


Now I was all for the bike path with private money or taxing the bikers with registering the bikes and paying for a bike licenses.  The bikers would be okay with the taxing right?  Well the liberal ones anyways right?  No I don’t think so as in the past when I have said that boy do they just complain about it. 


Maybe we are becoming China in reverse.  We had prosperity and cars and now we are going broke and the left wants us to be a nation of bikes.


Let’s talk more about the bike path and how to pay for it.


Now, I was talking with Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson a few months ago and he was fine with using taxpayer money for it.  I told him I would support it if private money or bike rider money was used.  


I recently was talking with Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik about this same issue.  She was telling people at the Cudahy train station that she supports building the pike path, but not with public money.


I said to her that it was nice to hear that she would like to have it built with private money.  She then stopped me and said, she didn’t say with private money, just not public money. 


She asked me if I knew what a BID District was. 


I said, “Yes and this is still public money instead of pushed from the residents to the business owners.”


A business improvement district (BID) is a defined area within which businesses pay an additional tax or fee in order to fund improvements within the district's boundaries.


She then went on to say that we could get the local businesses to pay taxes or fees to pay for it since it would increase the value of the area.


Now she was correct in what a BID District is, it is just her disconnect that businesses are public entities and that is one section of public money.  Taxes and fees paid from private businesses to the government.


I also disputed that it would improve the area for the businesses?  What and how would they see a benefit with bike riders riding on the Hoan Bridge?



Update – This is for those that haven’t kept up with the local news and for many of those same ones that just disagree with others just to disagree with others.


The price tag is just the facts.


“Building a separate bike path above the current roadway would have cost $94.6 million, according to an analysis of alternatives prepared by the consulting firm Graef USA”



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