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Voter ID Is Not Complicated!

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I on Nov 21st attempted to post a comment on South Milwaukee Alderman’s Erik Brooks blog on Public Meeting On Voter ID Scheduled In South Milwaukee, but my comment was never posted.  I waited a week later and I tried it a few more times and still nothing. 


Now I have posted on it before and it worked and others are posting.  The comment wasn’t vulgar nor did it contain any objectionable material.   


In fact here it is:


How is the new Voter ID complicated Erik?  You show your Driver’s license or State issued ID when you go up to the desk to check in.  I don’t remember seeing any hardship issues and meetings showing my ID to get my prescription at Walgreens or showing ID to cash a check.


This was already tested in the recall elections and 98% of the people had an ID and it wasn’t that hard.  The poll workers made it seem harder than it was because they were confused.


I would say people are making at mountain out of a mole hill and being over dramatic.


I don’t know Alderman Brooks, but from reading his blogs and how he votes I would say he is a centrist.  That is a moderate democrat.  Typically I disagree with him, but he is fair and reasons out his explanation.


So some reason I get lots of emails from right minded people that say they have a very hard time posting on a few of the lefty Now blogs and it just makes my mind wonder how that is.  


I also wonder if my comment is being blocked because of his friendship of a certain liberal blogger that had issue with me.  It could be that attack me and you are attacking all of us mentality.  Then again it could my posts are stuck in cyberspace in a spam filter.

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