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Let's Start To Have Answers!

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I get so tired of hearing those PUP and people that suffer from Walker Derangement Syndrome just say that Governor Walker (typically they don’t use his title and name – they name call some vial thing) that Walker did the wrong thing and the wrong way to fix the budget shortfall (they also forget to mention that Governor Doyle gave us the budget deficit).


So PUP and WDS how should he have fixed it? 


Do you even know what the options were?


Can you just give us a straight answer besides your typical response, “not the way Scotty did it” (calling Scott Walker Scotty is meant as an insult and that is just one step above name calling Mean spirited.  Ornery.  Jerks.  Myopic)


Even one of my former Conservative now turned Moderate friends chooses not to answer.  He talks and dances around it, claims he answered it and all of my questions.


(Funny how he is using rule #10 of Rules for Radicals – Also, those Rules for Radicals when I mention it just drives him wild.  I can almost feel the contempt drip down and splatter off his words)


I get a lot of PUP and WDS people emailing me saying that they will type up a rebuttal, but they never appear.  Vapor ware!  Pretend writing! 


Ok, now back to this – Ways to balance budget: 1) Raise taxes; 2) Massive layoffs; 3) Big service cuts; 4) Gimmicks; or 5) Structural reforms


Please let me remind you that the State of Wisconsin law requires a balanced budget.  We cannot run a deficit like we do federally.


Now let’s look closer at the options.


1)      Raise Taxes – Yes this is just what the PUP wanted us to do!  We taxpayers should pay more so the public sector didn't take a hit.  This is how Governor Doyle took care of it in the past. This would not have resulted in a recall.  Status Quo!!


2)      Massive layoffs – If Governor Walker would have done this, the PUP would have been mad (mad enough to still do the recall – sure, evidence shows us that the recall push started the day after Governor Walker won the election), but the dues and union would be intacted.  Screw the workers as long as the union was okay.  My former Conservative now turned Moderate friend’s wife might have lost her job. He claimed he was fighting for the workers, but he really seemed more worried about the union than the workers.



3)      Big Service Cuts – Now that wouldn’t have gone over well with the public.  The recall I think would have still happen and would have been bipartisan.


4)      Gimmicks – Yes they would have liked this.  Governor Doyle did this by raiding other funds, creative accounting, and shell games.  This would not have resulted in a recall.  Status Quo!!


5)      Structural reforms – The real adult solution to our problem and the solution Governor Walker chose.  Austerity!!!   The only solution that doesn’t keep kicking the can down the road.  The only solution that in a recession is the right way of fixing it.


Illinois had very similar issues and they chose all the options besides ‘Structural reforms’ and it didn’t work.


Ok PUP and WDS, I have done your research for you, now time to answer how Governor Walker should have fixed the budget - I’m still waiting for even one recall nuts offering up any suggestion as to how they would solve the fiscal problems...all I hear is stop walker...stop walker...ok he what? I’m all ears... The blog comments section is all yours… My email address is if you prefer that method

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