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Second Look at the MJS Reporting On Wisconsin Jobs

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I am sure many of you have read December 4, 2011 MJS article titled “State jobs figures carried an asterisk”.  If not please do.


If you read the story online, it had a different headline, “Walker's office knew jobs figures were 'suspect,' report shows”, which seemed to be a little misleading and left leaning.  Some would correctly say they are biased and not reporting, but are editorializing.


Here is a screen shot of it.

Now let’s get to the meat of the article.  Look at paragraph 22 we learn that, in the month in question, job figures actually ended up HIGHER than the "questionable" reported figure.

“Jones and Werwie from Walker's office pointed out that the preliminary private-sector jobs figure for June was actually revised upward the following month by almost 2,000 jobs”


So, although warned they were questionable or preliminary, Gov. Walker actually under-reported the jobs figures.  The numbers used were 2,000 less than what they really were!  So instead of the numbers being bad, the numbers were more cautious than what they were.


To report this correctly, the title or headline should have been: "Walker under-estimates job gains" or “Walker administration takes cautious numbers”.


Plus, we learn this monthly job calculation is the past practice and has been used by both administrations before.


Has the MJS questioned the numbers before under Governor Doyle?  Oh, wait, I shouldn’t say the other side did it as well or demonstrate the past practice!






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