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Guest Blog by Paul B. - A Report Card on Scott Walker

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Some things below that we are not reading in the Journal or Madison papers. 


This is just the start, imagine the savings we will have after a few years of Governor Walker’s changes!  That is what the union is afraid of.  That the changes will be seen from all people except the PuP as positive and the right direction.  They are afraid that as we left up the rocks (look into contracts) we will see the wrong doing and correct them.


The loss of money and power is the real reason the recall of Governor Walker is happening.  Not the money from the workers, those poor saps are the unions pawns, but the union dues money that gets funneled into a type of money laundering game and ends up on the democrats hands.  And not the power of the collective workers voice, they are just the poor saps led to believe the union has their best interest at heart, but the power being lost by the union bosses.


The sad thing is the poor workers still believe the union bosses as the bosses just keep sacrificing the workers.  Making the workers do the bidding and dirt work for the union bosses.  They are being played and used and cannot see that.  Blinded by the union propaganda they have been feed!  They partly have themselves to blame, as they do like to be told what to do and what to think I guess.  After all that is what the union tells them what to do and they do it, even if it means jumping of the cliff they will do what they are told.


If, after reading this, you still have doubts about what Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislators have done then don't bother to write to me because I cannot reason anyone out of something they have not reasoned themselves into!  You are a lost cause and the union has gotten to you.  No reason or logic is left in your head.  The union has brainwashed you to the point of no return.





Why was WEA Trust Insurance allowed to rip off the Wisconsin taxpayer for so many years? 


Why was the corruption allowed? 


3.1 million a year saved by the Appleton School districts and thousands saved in other school districts simply by dropping WEA Trust Health Ins. 


How does this happen?


We the Wisconsin taxpayers deserve an answer, at least an investigation.  Share with other Wisconsin taxpayers so they know the truth - we're sure not getting it from our media.




  Ashland School District - saved $378,000 on health insurance;


  Kimberly School District - saved $821,000 by dropping WEA Trust Insurance;


  Edgerton School District - dropping WEA Trust, expecting to save at least



  Baraboo School District - dropping WEA Trust, expecting to save at least $660,000;


  Dodgeland School District - dropping WEA Trust, expecting to save $260,000


  Elmbrook School District - changing health care provider, savings estimated at $878,000;


  Mequon-Thiensville School District - saving $49,000 on dental insurance coverage;


  Marshfield School District - saving $850,00 by dropping WEA Trust;


  City of Sheboygan - Mayor Bob Ryan says collective bargaining reforms will  provide enough savings to make up for the reduction in state aid;


  Wauwatosa School District - tax levy decreasing, no programs will be cut, class sizes won't increase, thanks to the reforms in collective bargaining;


  Manitowoc - Laid-off city workers may get their jobs back due to the wage/benefit reforms contained in Walker's budget.  Changes to overtime rules saving the county $100,000;


  Pittsville - will see a 9% decrease in the school portion of their property tax levy.  "This is the first year we have not needed to short-term borrow," stated Board President Strenn;


  Appleton School District - will save $3.1 million just in health insurance costs due to being able to bid out the coverage and being able to drop WEA Trust;


  Racine County - inmates can now be used to perform tasks such as landscaping, painting and shoveling sidewalks.  Executive Ladwig states this is a win/win for the inmates and the county.  It frees up county employees for other tasks, gives the inmates a sense of value, and helps the county maintain property that has been neglected."


  Kaukauna School District - hiring additional teachers, reducing class sizes, enacting a merit pay system, and due to Walker's Budget Bill, Kaukauna's operating budget has moved from a negative $400,000 to a positive $1,500,000.  Much of this savings was due to being able to drop WEA Trust.


  Hartland School District - switched from WEA Trust and saved $690,000;


  Hudson School District - saved $832,000 on health insurance due to ability to bid the insurance.


  KSTP did a study of the savings in Sheila Harsdorf's 10th Senate District.  They found that Ellsworth, Prescott, Menomonie, Somerset and Hudson school districts are all reporting large savings due to the changes signed into law by Gov. Walker.


  Keep in mind, WEA TRUST is Shelly Moore's union insurance company, a company that has obviously been ripping off the school districts for years, thanks to collective bargaining that prohibited school districts from seeking insurance coverage from any company other than WEA Trust.


  How much tax money would we have saved if school districts had been "allowed by the unions" to bid out their insurance over the years?  I'd say probably many, many, many millions statewide.  It's the union money train running off the tracks, finally, and Shelly and her union don't like it.




  Walker signed an Unemployment Insurance extension adding 13 weeks of UC benefits.


  Passed a state budget on time, without tax increases, that leaves WI in the black for the first time in over 10 years.


  Turned a Governor Doyle $3.6 billion deficit into a $300 million surplus.


  Cut bonding by nearly 20%.


  Cut more than 1,000 government jobs, including 735 long-term vacancies.


  In the first 6 months of 2011 WI showed job growth more than twice the national rate.


  Protected our votes by requiring a picture I.D. at the polls.


  Became the 49th state to recognize our 2nd Amendment right to carry concealed weapons.


  Paid off WI's $60 million debt to MN under the former tax reciprocity agreement.


  Paid back over $200 million to the Injured Patients and Families Fund.  This is money that Gov. Doyle unconstitutionally raided from the Patients' Compensation Fund.


  Walker expanded the prohibition against tax money being used to subsidize abortion.


  So with the Wisconsin taxpayer finally in control and no more high property tax increases every year, why are the democrat's recalling gov. Walker - is it because they are against success and the very people who pay their salaries, the Wisconsin taxpayer.



I think he gets an A+


Stand with Scott Walker!!


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