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It is Said Governor Walker and The Republicans Are Not Serious About Jobs!

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I was told by a few liberal friends of mine that Governor Walker and the Republicans are not serious about job creation in Wisconsin since they are passing laws and budgets that do many other things.


To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.


The premise is Governor Walker can only pass laws that help job creations since he ran on that.


The best way to lie is to tell the truth, carefully edited truth.


As a wise man once said, "Sir, you are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of facts.”


Again, let’s beat this dead horse to death.


Governor Walker campaigned on many issues and he will pass laws and budgets that work towards those items, but he also will pass laws and budgets on things he didn’t campaign on.  People can and must multitask.  Plus he promised to create 250,000 jobs in 4 Years, not one!!!


He and the Republicans are turning this state around and if you can face facts you would see that!


But to people with Walker Derangement Syndrome see what they want and only what they want. 


An interesting question is whether it is ever rational for any of us to consider ourselves exceptions to rules that we ourselves endorse.


People tend to make rules for others and exceptions for themselves.


Liberals aren't interested in truth.  They are only interested in Liberalism and anything that perpetuates their cause.  Liberals confuse their politics for virtue; allowing themselves to say and do anything, violent or not, true or not, to further their cause.  You see, Liberals are good people.  So good, in fact, that they are able to push any story whether true or false if it makes their case or fits the liberal template.  This is because the ends justify the means. 


Conservatives are just now arriving at the point of recognizing "the meme," or "the narrative.”

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