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The Left's Answer to What Walker should have done!

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Please note – I took this right out of the comments section and did format it, correct spelling and grammatical errors, otherwise it is exactly how it was that 42BDResident left.


When you read this, keep in mind from what I have been told 42BDResident is a public sector worker and how does what is listed fix the $3.6 billion budget deficit?  It has to be fixed as our state law requires a balanced budget!  Also does 42BDResident give a specific answer or a general idea?


42BDResident’s answers!!!!


1. First off, do not lie to taxpayers.  If he was going to destroy the public unions, he should have campaigned on that.  I actually wanted someone to have a stronger hand with them, but not destroy them.  (Like I want parents to raise their children, without beating them!)  Many of the cuts suggested, the unions had agreed to already, but that always seems to be forgotten and all credit is given to Walker instead of any credit at all given to the public workers.


2. You can be Pro-business, without giving billions of dollars away.  There seems to be a lot of money flowing into business without any payback for jobs.


3. Work to increase the average income in WI or decrease the average cost of living (Healthcare?)  (or perhaps both?)  So far, the average income in our state is falling, even with flat taxes.


4. I would love to see the relationship in welfare fraud, compared to welfare regulation.  Would it actually cost us more to ensure the people who need the help are getting the help, then the cost of the fraud itself?  I would prefer to go after fraud, even if it cost more (to a point).


5. Taxes would have to be looked at.  Possibly raising, definitely restructuring.


6. I agree with some of Walker's cuts.  Certain things are not as important in a recession.  I do not agree with cutting life-saving services though.  Certain things should come before money.


7. Treat all public workers the same.  I believe many of the public workers who were not affected by Walker's budget have also agreed to cuts, without beating them into submission.  (Again, curious how this does not get any attention.)


8. Again, all of Walker's decisions are not terrible.  We have always come to find there are times for "conservatism", and times for "liberalism", and we cannot work without both.  Doyle was one extreme, and many people though Walker would be less extreme on the other side.  Unfortunately, he was not.



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