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My Responses to the Left's Answer to What Walker Should Have Done!!!!

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As for this comment/answer from 42BDResident, I'd like to point out that it's a tease.  I had low expectations.  It was actually somewhat amusing in its terribleness.  We really learned nothing from it besides you want to increase taxes to fix the budget.  It reminded me of a glossy marketing pamphlet; all fluff and no substance.  You have a nice list, but what does most of the items do to fix the budget?  If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS and fluff.  We need you to explain everything in a real A-B-C fashion.  You are missing the focus of the/my original post.  Literacy does not guarantee comprehension.


Maybe you shouldn’t have used point numbers/bullet points since they really didn’t correlate to the original options or answer them.  I take it you did it to try and show off to the readers that you were offering lots of counter points when truly you were just giving your general opinions and ranting on most things that wouldn’t fix the budget!  Time and money can cure most issues but there are little of both available.


42BDResident it was nice that you didn't resort to name calling or bring in the Koch brothers which are the Liberal’s boogey-man.


Let me remind you what your tools are to do that!  I clearly understand your opposition to the idea of them and it is noted.  I know you used the increase taxes and that has been done before and hasn’t worked!  We need to stop looking at and for false answers and deal with the harsh reality of things!  You supply more short term strategies and you still persist in short-term fixes which are naive in the extreme.


Ways to balance budget: 1) Raise taxes; 2) Massive layoffs; 3) Big service cuts; 4) Gimmicks; or 5) Structural reforms


To resolve the problem you first have to be honest in your analysis of what caused the problem.  - Tax increases and gimmicks that Governor Doyle got us in the $3.6 billion hole.


Well, let’s look at your list and its supporting fluff!  I think you need an injection of common sense!  You show that emotions rather than simple facts and the truth ruled the day.  Having a dissenting opinion isn't something to be concerned about, unless someone points out massive holes in your logic and you stick to it anyway.


Oh, politics...You make people crazy.  Politics by nature are polarizing!


Unleash the Kraken!!!  Unleash the Rancor!!!


1. First off, do not lie to taxpayers.  If he was going to destroy the public unions, he should have campaigned on that.  I actually wanted someone to have a stronger hand with them, but not destroy them.  (Like I want parents to raise their children, without beating them!)  Many of the cuts suggested, the unions had agreed to already, but that always seems to be forgotten and all credit is given to Walker instead of any credit at all given to the public workers.


What does this do to fix the budget?


Let’s move from the paint-by-number stories.  That sort of nonsense deserves only derision.




Walker lied - You state this as fact.


How do you know?  What proof do you have?


If you have data, provide it.  If not, stop wasting our time.


Are you claiming Walker was executing a perfect bait-and-switch?  You cannot even say, were his fingers crossed behind his back when he said that?  He didn't campaign that he would leave the unions alone!


Disinformation works - We wish we could say that all this disinformation is harmless, but there's evidence that a lot of people end up believing such nonsense.


Again, did Walker say he was not going to go after unions?  Is it on his campaign literature?  If so then he did, if not it will be on the next one!  Besides, the unions knew what Scott Walker was doing.  This talking point has been debunked.  I am sorry if the workers didn’t get the memos or have the union leaders communicate it to them, but there comes a time when people need to do their own homework and look for themselves instead of being lazy and taking the cliff notes handed to them.  People will believe anything if you whisper it.  If you want to blame someone, blame your union and please stop projecting on Walker and others!  If you are too far in you cannot see all the angles.


It's not "not telling the truth" for a politician to do something they didn't expressly run on.  That happens all the time.  I bet all elected officials do things they didn’t expressly run on, no?  Does that mean they deceived the voters?  It would have been "deception" if Governor Walker had promised NOT to restrict collective bargaining and then done it.  Words matter as does common sense.


They gave up the cuts like money?  Where and when???


Do you mean voluntarily and was this before the rush to ram through contracts?  What was given up and what wasn’t?  With what was given up and not was it in the favor of the union or union worker?


Weak attempt to draw a comparison.  Do you consider spanking beating a kid?


Can candidates only do things that they campaigned on?  Nothing more, nothing less?


If you don't check things out for yourself, you are just an echo chamber.  Bottom line, do some research on your own. 


2. You can be Pro-business, without giving billions of dollars away.  There seems to be a lot of money flowing into business without any payback for jobs.


What does this do to fix the budget?


What businesses are you talking about?  Like GE??? Like Mercury Marine???  What???  Please expand on this and show us how that would fix the budget


3. Work to increase the average income in WI or decrease the average cost of living (Healthcare?)  (or perhaps both?)  So far, the average income in our state is falling, even with flat taxes.


What does this do to fix the budget?


You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.


Flat tax would be a federal issue or do you mean that taxes have not gone up?  Since taxes have gone up your statement would be false.  Please remember that not increasing taxes is NOT a tax cut!  Lowering taxes will increase personal wealth as raising taxes will decrease it.  Wisconsin has seen an increase in taxes.  Please provide more info!


4. I would love to see the relationship in welfare fraud, compared to welfare regulation.  Would it actually cost us more to ensure the people who need the help are getting the help, then the cost of the fraud itself?  I would prefer to go after fraud, even if it cost more (to a point).


What does this do to fix the budget?


Do you think that much fraud is going on?  While I agree with you that we need to crack down on it and that it will cost money to do so, how would this fix the budget shortfall we had?  W2 was overhauled with Thompson and Clinton, but much more needed to happen.  This is much more like a long term issue.  We not only need structural reforms, we need a cultural shift.


5. Taxes would have to be looked at.  Possibly raising, definitely restructuring.


Ding, ding, ding, ding.  We have a winner.  Okay, now you answer the question as we knew the left would.  I am SHOCKED!  Shocked I tell you!  Increase taxes!!!  Governor Walker did it without raising taxes.  But you cannot just keep increasing taxes as that lowers workers average income and just increases costs!  Goes against your third non budget fix point.  In a recession you don’t increase taxes!  Let's face it, Perry Mason could not defend raising taxes during a recession.


Once upon a time…The taxpayers had an unlimited amount of money they can pay the government!  Then people on the right woke up out of that nightmare while those on the left stayed in dream world smiling and mumbling “Yes more taxes!”  (Picture a person laughing and throwing money up in the air while saying, “Yes more Taxes!”)


Don’t reach into my pocket without asking.  My wallet isn’t your wallet.  Don’t confuse that fact.


Wisconsinites want government to live within its means and to set spending priorities that reflect their priorities, rather than seek ever increasing amounts of taxpayer funds for programs that serve few if any.


Out of control government and spending is like a hand grenade with the pin pulled out, it will blowup at some point.


There can be no new taxes and there must be spending reductions instead.  We have all learned, if we'll admit it to ourselves, that lower tax rates increase revenue collections since they stimulate the economy.  Let us keep more of what we earn, and we'll find ways to earn even more than we were before, and tax collections increase.


By the way, the idea of reducing expenditures when income lags is something that just about every one of us has had to do at one time or another.


We need the right size government we can afford on a budget!  How about low income government for a change!


Dishonest Public Unions are no different from the dishonest Corporations...just the other side of the coin.  Dishonest Corporations want fascism and Dishonest Unions want socialism/communism.


Do you feel "The Republicans are owned by corporations?"


Never mind the fact that GE, the biggest offender, was also one of the left’s largest contributor.  Exxon was up there too....


I do agree with you on restructuring them.  Let’s eliminate the tax loop holes that GE used to pay little if any taxes. 


6. I agree with some of Walker's cuts.  Certain things are not as important in a recession.  I do not agree with cutting life-saving services though.  Certain things should come before money.


What does this do to fix the budget?


What are lifesaving services and which ones were cut? 


Like any good snake oil salesman, you need to frighten the crap out of your audience before selling them a book on the subject, which lifesaving services were cut?


Which ones do you agree with?  Please do tell???

Which ones are not important in a recession???

What certain things should come before money? – Like what?  Students?  Kids?  School programs?  Etc.?


Reduction in spending is not real spending cuts, reduction in what it would increase - zero baseline cut still isn't a true cut because over the years it was increased and a zero baseline just means it is not increased and doesn't mean it is decreased.


7. Treat all public workers the same.  I believe many of the public workers who were not affected by Walker's budget have also agreed to cuts, without beating them into submission.  (Again, curious how this does not get any attention.)


What does this do to fix the budget?


Treating everyone fair doesn't mean treating everyone the same.


Public workers are not and have never been treated the same; not with each other nor with the private sector!  Each union and local has a different contract.  This “treat all the same” is what the union leaders push to the workers.  STOP!  Let the cream rise to the top!  Treat everyone fairly, but not the same.  Treat them the same is a socialistic notion.


I'm against a homogenized society, because I want the cream to rise.

Robert Frost


Political correctness, elf-n-safety, human rights have under the flagship that we all must be the same and be fair has helped ruin this country.


8. Again, all of Walker's decisions are not terrible.  We have always come to find there are times for "conservatism", and times for "liberalism", and we cannot work without both.  Doyle was one extreme, and many people though Walker would be less extreme on the other side.  Unfortunately, he was not.


What does this do to fix the budget?


Which of his decisions were not terrible?  Which ones were??


Magically, Governor Walker can cast a wand and fix everything the socialists have done to the State and Country immediately fixing it!  When you let your house get dirty, it takes some time to clean it up.


Walker is the only Governor to take on the corrupt union heads that are ripping off the taxpayers through subterfuge.


Of course, he's polarizing.  The truth isn't always pleasant.  I would rather hear truth that is painful rather than a bucket full of lies!  This is the real world - Wisconsin, not Neverland or Oz!


Governor Walker is exactly what this state required.  Those who can't see that either have their hands in the public cookie jar or are blindly following their beloved liberal party's rhetoric despite economic realities.


Ideology is relevant dependent on who champions it, who denounces it, and who embraces it.  Scott Walker is ideology a Conservative has philosophical differences from the left and would be a polar opposite to Uber-Liberal  Jim Doyle! 


What do we need liberalism for?  We can live without it!  Liberals need a weakened America (as all parasites need a weakened host) to feed off of. 


Scott Walker was not a moderate and didn’t run as one.  Maybe the wool was pulled over some of the sleeping people, but I don’t think so!  The purpose of the political party is to win elections and ideology is to push agendas.  Political parties are not about ideology and when you go to vote, you vote for a party and hopefully your ideology is represented by your political candidate.


The only perfect candidate for you would only be you if you were running.  The rest of the time we need to find the most compatible candidate for you that have your goals, values, morals, and objectives.  Sometimes we need to find the lesser of evils and hold our nose and vote for that person.


You don’t have to like a Politian, you just have to agree with them more than you disagree.

And for Wisconsin, it was and is fortunate that Walker wasn’t status quo, go along to get along and is being the tough hard parent making the tough decisions instead of kicking the can down the street and making real changes!  Only dead fish go with the flow.








Please note – I took 42BDResident's comment right out of the comments section and did format it, correct spelling and grammatical errors, otherwise it is exactly how it was that 42BDResident left.

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