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How Liberals Degrade Humanity


Reposted with permission


     The worst of all lies are philosophical lies.  Philosophy, in essence, is the study of man’s spirit and mind and its relationship with God.  In other words, a philosophical lie is a lie which assaults man’s spirit, man’s mind or God.  This is practically all liberals do to cause the social problems the left brings about as all societal problems start within the minds and souls of the individual members of society.


     The liberal tells man that there is no God and, therefore no morals.  If you make man a cosmic accident that’s the highest there is, it leaves him craving for something to serve.  So, the liberal replaces God with government; or, on occasion, twists government to be part of God.  If you delete a man’s morals, than you delete his ability to control his own actions with a moral compass—thus making man even more subservient to government.  Plus, if there’s no god and no morals there’s no moral objective of man; meaning that man is even easier to control.


     The liberal tells man that reality is subjective.  They do this by distorting the definition of “tolerance;” changing it from its true definition of simply not hating other’s beliefs, to meaning that if someone believes it, it must be true at least for them.  The left’s distorted definition of tolerance means that anyone can invent their own reality.  If reality is subjective, this mean that the liberal is completely able to lie and make it true, making it easier to control, man.


     The liberal tells man that any form of greed is evil.  In reality, greed itself isn’t evil, it’s what people do with it (if people use their self-interest to better themselves or society, greed is good; but if they use it to steal or commit sin, it’s evil).  By eliminating any form of self-interest, the liberal has destroyed man’s individuality and his ambition.  So, man turns into a collectivist and, if the liberal controls the collective, he controls man.


     The liberal reshapes the social norms.  Now, it’s not socially acceptable to have a desire to be successful, forget actually becoming successful.  It’s not socially acceptable to want to live a moral life, in the traditional sense.  It’s not socially acceptable to want to dive deep into philosophy and think deeply in the first place; instead, it’s socially acceptable to pay attention to frivolities and not issues that really matter.  Thus, the liberal continues to degrade man’s ambition and makes man frivolous and superficial.


     The liberal gives man drugs such as marijuana.  Marijuana not only continues to kill man’s ambition, but it also blinds him to reality and makes him feel intellectually numb.  Potheads are easy to control.


     The liberal degrades art and entertainment to a form of superficial, amoral propaganda.


     The liberal divides society.  He makes one side out to be evil and the other side to be the innocent, abused bystander.  This manipulation makes the latter hate the former, and out of this anger the liberal controls.  And it makes the former feel guilty, and the liberal takes advantage of this guilt to gain control.


     The result is a man is the total opposite to their grandparents or great grandparents.  They’re completely dependent on the government, making them easier to control, and have no ambition to want to do better.  They have no desire to do anything moral, nor make themselves neither think nor fulfill their potential.  They have no desire to neither fight for nor take advantage of their natural rights.  They have no desire to be human.


     If you don’t believe me, look over to Europe where they’re rioting over the retirement age being raised from 60 to 62; here where it’s a complete no-no to even suggest we’ll cut any entitlements.  That is the society the liberal wants.  And an entitled, second-hander is the intended product of these philosophical lies and is the exact opposite of what man was meant to be.  It’s truly sad to even fathom that any man could do such horrible acts—all for power—and even more sad to witness all the potential of what man could be wasted.


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