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What Happens If Too Many Signatures Are Fraudulent?

Democrats, GAB, Liberals, PUP, Recall, Scott Walker

Is the GAB going to turn over the circulators names to the DA to prosecute them?

I doubt anything will come of it.


Remember this: "We have a data input system, and we will not submit duplicate recall signatures when we find them," says state Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski.


So if they have a high portion still get through what does that say?  Attempting to sneak them in?  Checking Protocols not good enough?


I think they are afraid too many signatures are fraudulent or duplicate.  Moreover, if too many signatures are found to be invalid, it will hurt their cause and reflect poorly on them personally.


I think their cause and battle cry will have been tarnished and they will look to even more people like the poor sport losers they are acting like.  The MSM may not say much about it, but people outside the Milwaukee and Madison PUP area will question much more of their crying wolf and the sky is falling tactics.






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