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I just don’t understand why so many companies and cities are in a rush to put up signs that ban guns.  I read the information you already posted.  With all of that it just doesn’t make sense to ban the guns.  Banning guns opens them up for liability.  I here Cudahy is going to allow, but S.Milw isn’t.


Curious Cudahy Resident


Curious Cudahy Resident you are so right!


When you put up a sign banning guns, you are saying categorically that it is a safe zone and you lose some of the legal liabilities protections.


175.60(20)(b)(c) says the municipality could be held liable if something happens, however, if they do not post, they cannot be held liable. 


They are given immunity.  People and employers that do not ban are immune from any liability arising from that decision.


While places ban guns, the CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) allows for knifes, pepper spray, stun guns, Tasers, nunchucks and such weapons to be concealed.  It also puts the onus on the business to check that the place is truly safe.  So they would have to install metal detectors and have pat-downs otherwise it is just a false safety feeling.


Some people are calling these banned sites “crime zones” as the criminals will know no one is packing and will take advantage of them.


To receive a concealed carry permit in Wisconsin, applicants must be at least 21, pass a background check, and undergo training.


Remember the law bans guns in the Police Departments, Court Rooms, in bars if you are consuming alcohol, schools and a few other places.


Putting up the signs is a knee jerk reaction from people who most likely don’t understand Act 35 and most definitely didn’t read it!


My take is after a while when the places, owners, managers understand the law, the signs will come down.


Here is all of Wisconsin Act 35.  Please read it!!!!

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