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This Needs To Be Stopped In Cudahy!

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So, there is a push to make the Elected Mayor of Cudahy Part Time and bring in a Hired/Appointed Paid City Administrator.  And there is a RUSH to do so!


Transparency is key to trust!


We have been down this road with the Clerk Treasurer and City Comptroller.  Tested and rejected!!


I said it then and I will say it again, “We the People” (that statement of “We the People” bothers Alderman Mark Otto) should decide via voting not having someone appoint and hire the person.  When you are Elected, you are held accountable to the People.  When you Appoint/Hire someone, the People lose the power and voice in holding that person accountable.  Doing so is wrong.


We cannot afford nor do we need this!


This is an Attila the Hun sweeping through Eastern Europe kind of situation — devastating and costly!


Now let’s delve into some emails and some hows and whys!  We will connect the DOTS!


Q: “Randy,


Why would Tony run just to make it a part time position and bring Ryan back?”


A: That is a good question and I had to dig for that one.  Turns out that all of that talk that Tony Day doesn’t want to run again for Mayor has some truth in part to his wife and time with the family plus the job isn’t exactly what it was cracked up to be!  Now I didn’t talk to Mayor Day as I have written that off as he will not email me back but asks me to make an appointment to come to City Hall and talk in person.  Who in the private sector has time for that when email is so easy to do anytime of the day!  I cannot even get Mary Jo to email me back on questions on an unrelated topic that I will just post in a few days.  It seems that Mayor Day’s Administration doesn’t like written communication even more so than McCue’s.


So back to bring back Ryan – Well, Mayor Day would stay on if it was Part Time and YES the City has contacted Ryan McCue.  He told the City of Cudahy he was happy where he was.  Now stop and think about it!  The City contacted him, so after all that bad blood and they still contact them. 


Why (That deserved an interrobang)


Well that question is answered by who is the spear head / Leader of the Reorganization Committee – Alderman Mark Otto who is still in contact and friends with Ryan McCue.  After all as Alderman Otto told me, “We are close friends”!


So Alderman Otto has been pushing for this assignment since Tony Day won the election.  All to bring back his friend and not to mention yet I am, WASTE TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!


See we already pay for an Econ Director and pay a Mayor and an Office/Mayor Assistant why would we want to ADD the cost of City Administrator and YES I know the pay will be cut for Mayor but NOT to ZERO! 


So in fact Alderman Otto doesn’t care to waste taxpayer money, but hold on, the reason is always, “We can get a Professional!”  Tempest alert!  Smoke screen alert!




Like Former Mayor McCue?  That would be the so called Professional!


A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist.


Democracy, it comes from the people by the people not something moving so fast it is a blur and silent in the night by overzealous, I have an angle to do something,  out of touch elected official!


Let’s look at another email:




If tony does set this up to bring mccue back, he should be tarred and feathered.


If they pull this I am not sure but I believe they would need to change this by charter ordinance.


I bet they ram this through just like they dumped the do fee on us.


If anything your post showed them that you are still keeping an eye on them.”


A: 'It's the People's Money'


Yes Mayor Day should be.  This brings that old say that Politics makes strange bed partners/fellows.  Now from what I hear the Council will vote 3-2 in favor of passing this and NO it doesn’t need to go to the voters in the form of a referendum.  Remember from the Election that Tony Day said he was in favor of them, just NOT now that he is Mayor!  People tend to make rules for others and exceptions for themselves.


Another email:




Why is this being rushed and why in the world are the Aldermen going along with this?”


A: Excellent question and one I think the residents of Cudahy need to ask the Mayor and the Alderpersons.  The hush-hush - The only knowledge that can hurt you is the knowledge you don't have.


Ask them at the City Hall meeting Thursday January 26th @5:30PM (Good of them to have it when people are still driving home) This issue is burning a hole for them!


Another email:




We need to flush all of these elected fools down the drain and start over with new energized people!”


I don’t think they need to all go, but most!


"One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.”  Plato



We’ll take another email:


“I don't totally remember Day having a major campaign platform for an administrator?  Maybe I am just missing it or don't remember.


Again, looks like the train is coming, since you have touched a nerve with your blog, and then things are might quiet.”


Yes Tony Day did talk about it and at the time a study and referendum would take place putting in with the people.  How about we get it on the ballot with the recall elections!


Let’s round this out with a very nicely put email on the subject:


I am not crazy about a non-elected official running the City full time.  What are the accountability factors?  I would think that a position this big would require more than just the Personnel Committee to look at it.  A large contingent of citizens should be involved in the various stages of the interview process.


What does this do for people considering running for Mayor?  Are we now going to be limiting our pool of potential candidates to retired people or those who are not really committed to the City because they have a full time job elsewhere?


The job description of both will need to be very clear as to has the final say so on decisions, I would prefer the Mayor since he was elected.  Who would be leading Common Council meetings?


So there you have it people, The Tony Day Administration, and our elected officials trying to ram this through and pull the wool over our eyes.  We want people to be part of what we’re doing, so we bring them in and let them see, not in Cudahy!


I think we need to replace them with people who understand who ‘We the People” are and understand “Taxpayers”.  I know my Alderman needs to go, he doesn’t even answer me back and we need elected officials that can effectively communicate with the taxpayers!


Politicians and diapers have one thing in common.  They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

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