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We Should Welcome Brian Biernat Cudahy's New Director of Economic Development

Cudahy, Development, Brian Biernat

Mr. Biernat’s hiring was approved in June 2011 and he started his part time position on October 3, 2011 as the Director of Economic Development.


From what I am told he is also the Part time building inspector for Cudahy.


Here is what he looks like in case you see him around Cudahy.



If you would like some reading material on him, here is a good starting place.


Feel like emailing him, just be forewarned Mayor Day’s Administration doesn’t like to use email.  I did email Mr. Biernat on 12/14/11 the following email and just like the others, not a peep!


You have to ask why Mayor Day’s Administration in this day and age doesn’t embrace email – My take is “If you don’t write, they can’t repeat it” is the policy.


McCue or Day same results because the same old guard was and is behind them.  Leads me to believe they are just the face of the administration, the pawns!


Now to that benign email to Mr. Biernat:




Mr. Biernat,


I was wondering if you could answer a few Economic Development questions for me.


Could you tell me what your vision of development in Cudahy is?


What do you see as Cudahy’s greatest asset?


What do you see as Cudahy’s top issue?


When will we see the website updated?


Are you going to be the type of individual that will communicate news and things going on with the residents of Cudahy?


What are you going to do different than your predecessor?


Randy Hollenbeck


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