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Remember Supervisor Patricia Jursik's "Equal time and Fair Reporting"

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You might remember Supervisor Patricia Jursik’s Equal time and Fair Reporting where she is upset at the fact that I, a blogger, didn’t give both sides.  What is it with people that they clearly don’t know what a blog is?


It is one sided and that is the point!


It isn’t fair and balanced and they are free!  You can sign up for one.  Maybe Supervisor Patricia Jursik should!


Sheriff Clark has one!  Albeit he doesn’t update it that much, but he does have one.


Now on her ‘Your Stories” story, I asked the following questions, but of course it was a hit and run piece and she didn’t respond to them.


They were:

Supervisor Jursik,


Did you vote for it?


How much was it?


Where were we going to come up with the funding for it?


What does “that is given access to public discourse through this web page” mean?


Now, she then failed to tell the readers the Sheriff Clark responded to here quip!  She didn’t provide that link now did she?


No!  So here it is:


A little review -


Jursik says the county faces a $55 million shortfall, and the Sheriff's Department has the biggest budget. 


"We have pretty much not cut the sheriff's budget at all in the past.  This year, there would be no way not to cut," Jursik explained.


Jursik also thinks the sheriff's spending on horses for parade duty is "frivolous" while County buses go unpatrolled.


"I'd like to see him lay off horses before he lays off deputies," said Jursik.


That fired up Clarke.


In a news release, Clarke stated, "Pat Jursik is exhibit A that the Milwaukee County Board, one of the most dysfunctional governmental bodies in the state of Wisconsin, should be downsized immediately."


Jursik said she'd rather see the sheriff at the negotiating table.


"He's trying to make this personal.  It's not personal.  This is about county business."


She told Montes that since she has been in office over four years, she can't recall the last time when the Sheriff's Department was audited.


How dare Supervisor Jursik FAIL to let readers know that!  Does she only say things are fair, because she doesn’t mean it!

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