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Mayor Day's Email Replying Issue

Cudahy, Email, Mayor, Tony Day

Fellow blogger Heather Liban wrote a very nice post titled “Using Email Etiquette” and one of her readers – GregfromCudahy writes this comment:


Our city administrators (specifically our mayor) should read your article Heather.  They do not answer the email i send.  I work and don't have the time to speak in person.  E-mail is the way I prefer to communicate.  A reply would give me the satisfaction of knowing that my e-mail was received.  I have sent 2 inquiry-based emails emails to Mayor Day since he's been in office and i receive no reply.”


I have recently pointed out the same thing about Mayor Day:

Email I Sent to Cudahy Director of Public Works/City Engineer Mary Jo Lange


This Needs To Be Stopped In Cudahy!


And on the same day I received this email:


“You are a jerk and you bludgeoned people and flat out mean so ofcoarse you will not get a reply!”


Don’t be like that to me because of you.


Not being mean, using satire, ridicule and wit to get the point across since common sense and standard reasoning has failed.


No real name and an email address done for a one off.  You know the kind used for the hit and run commenters.


No, the problem is Mayor Day doesn’t want anything in writing to tie him down.  He is running Cudahy on a need to know basis and the public doesn’t need to know!


One of the jobs of our elected officials is to field calls and emails from the constituents regarding many issues.


Where is the State of the City address? 


At least Mayor McCue after I kept on him had one.


2009 Cudahy "State of the City" Address


 Questions For Mayor McCue's State of The City Address


Well, with either McCue or Day at the helm, we have wasted 5 years where things haven’t improved and no development.  We’re a product of our own successes or failures, when you do nothing, you are nothing!  The voters are the losers and are being bamboozled.


We need someone to step up and be Mayor and not just play Mayor!


I am hearing from people close to former Mayor John Hohenfeldt that he is interested in making a return to the political arena.  I hear that he might run for the Clerk / Treasurer position.  Maybe we can convince him to run for Mayor since some of the largest growth and economic development occurred between 2004 and 2007 when he was Mayor!


Okay, the secret is out..............


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh................. .......


Don't tell Lois Lane, please!!!!!


Mayor McCue or Mayor Day, the same old guard behind them!  Put a new coat of paint on the old junk and the people will never know!  No wonder the Day Administration would contact Ryan McCue about being the City Administrator, the real players, the Puppet Masters are pulling the strings.  The "good ole boys" club.

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