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More On Mayor Day's Attempt To Cut The People Out

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So, the subject of a Part Time Mayor and the hiring of a City Administrator is a cause of great concern along with the speed at which Mayor Day wants it done.  Before the 2013 election cycle!


Now I could not and will not be able to make the Reorganization meetings since the City is holding them at 5:30pm.  That is a nice and convenient time for the residents who mostly work in the private sector to get to!  Makes me think the City just wants to quietly pass this through.


The Association of administrators group that held the information can be found at and the cost to change Cudahy is somewhere in the ball park of $130,000 - $150,000 and that doesn’t include the cost of the City Admin, part time Mayor, Mayor/Office Assistant or the cost of the Director of Econ!!!!


Some of my comments the other day:


I agree with Cudahy1st that only the Common Council would feel there is more accountability with a City Administrator.  Correct me if I am wrong, but communities in southern Wisconsin are moving away from City Administers and did one change that a year or two ago?


Tony did talk about it, but it would go before the voters and not just the Personnel Committee and CC.  And yes it keeps rearing its ugly head every so often and the people of Cudahy don’t want it.  Then again, maybe us voters and taxpayers cannot be trusted and only the elected people are smart enough to see it.


Would there dare be an Alderman or Mayor in Cudahy who would think that they know better than the voters in Cudahy or would make a statement like “I don’t trust the voters!”. 


Would that Elected Official be a good fit for Cudahy?


Does that sound like an Elitist?


Let’s take a look at some emails about this subject.


“Randy the Reorganization Committee was handpicked by Mayor Day as those who are in favor of having a part time mayor and hiring a City Administrator.  Even your friend Alderman Joe Mikolajczak supports it Randy even if he will not tell you that to your face.”


I checked with Alderman Mikolajczak and he told me he was open to listening about it but I didn’t get that he was in favor of it!


Another one:





It appears that sparks are flying from your posts.  The thing about McCue totally amazes me.  If they pull this off, I would hope they get ready for a lawsuit.  While they have not pulled the trigger yet, they will, just like their dump fee.


I hope they have the city attorney watching this process because they are bordering on illegal activity.  Would Mr. Bice from the Journal be interested I'm this?”


While it is true the City did contact McCue, most people just hear, “Well McCue said he wasn’t interested and was happy where he is!”  They don’t get IT.  The City contacted McCue not the other way around!!!!


Someone can email Dan Bice about it, but good luck, he is a liberal and Cudahy is too small for him!


More email:


Now, I see that the heads up and blog post has caused a little stir.  Couple of thoughts.

1.  While I like Joe, I would not trust him as far as I can throw him on the administrator thing.  If it is McCue that they build the job description around, Joe will support him in a heartbeat.  Trust me, there is supposedly something in Joe's past when he worked for him at the County, and you saw that he always voted for what Ryan wanted, during his three years.

2.  Dick B. was a big McCue supporter.  Dick would turn on a heartbeat, say it is like South Milwaukee, where his brother is an alderman, and he could look like a hero as he was the champion in his family bringing to Cudahy.

3.  If the council has lost confidence in Day, they will push 5-0 to hire an administrator so they can control the administrator, or so they think.  The administrator has a contract and can only be removed, or non-renewed for just cause.  Anyone worth their salt that would apply, knows that, however, our elected officials are all about the power.

4.  Would they dump or have her retire (Carolyn) the director of office services.  I can't see them creating another $70 to $90 k position, and keeping that one around.  They don't have the money for it.


While Tony may have supported the administrator, the jump back to McCue totally shocks me!  I know politics creates strange bedfellows, however, I still think that the council would get plastered if they brought McCue back.  Also, now that the cat is out of the bag that he was contacted about the job, what about a lawsuit setting up a position for a person, such as McCue to get it.  Wow!  Maybe a blog post about a potential conflict of interest or something like that.


More information:


Randy:  Not much of anything the Mayor ran the meeting not Alderman Otto.


It will cost about 130,000 to 140,000 dollars for this change.


The Mayor is not taking the responsibility for every day operations of the city and looking for a way out.  He went around the Personnel Committee so he could put his friends on this committee so it would succeed.


He did not tell the aldermen about this committee beforehand.






The reorg committee is Ald. Mark Otto Chairperson, Ald. Joe Mikolajczak, Jason Tony, Bob Jursik and Scott Mulqueen (he was picked by tony because he is president of school board).


Tony feels he will get this administrator thing through.  The council will love it since they all 5 will think they control the administrator and the mayor becomes powerless.


Just keep up the good work!

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