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Cudahy Development

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I am sure most readers have seen the MJS article titled “Ex-Iceport site in Cudahy draws interest” if not here it is:


Some possible new light industrial and office uses have surfaced for portions of the former Iceport site, in Cudahy.


One prospective development would use 10 acres for a distribution center, and another would use 6 to 8 acres for a similar project, including office space, said Brian Biernat, Cudahy's economic development director.


Biernat declined to provide names of the prospective users. The city Community Development Authority's board recently met in closed session to discuss interest in the city-owned site.  The state open meetings law allows governments to hold closed sessions to discuss real estate negotiations.


City officials hope to soon obtain certification from the state Department of Natural Resources regarding an environmental cleanup conducted at the site, south of E. Layton Ave. and east of S. Nicholson Ave.


The department's sign-off on the cleanup is needed before the land can be sold or leased for development.


The city acquired the 31-acre former heavy industrial site in 2009 through the foreclosure process, and the partially built Iceport frame was later demolished.


Iceport, a proposed multirink ice skating center, failed after running into financial trouble.

Walmart later proposed a supercenter to anchor a retail center on the site.  But the Cudahy Common Council in 2008 rejected that proposal.


Well, they forgot to let people know that it was then Mayor McCue who broke the tie and voted NO, but the Common Council did get themselves in that spot in the first place.  One would now change their vote, too little too late!


Wal-Mart did wait until after the 2010 city election to see if Mayor McCue would lose the election before making a final decision.  Mayor McCue lost and Wal-Mart waited for the City of Cudahy to contact them.  Instead Mayor Day played games with, NO they can contact us!


Finally, Wal-Mart moved on because Mayor Day was NEVER serious about looking at Wal-Mart, he just wanted people to think he was willing to look at Wal-Mart.


So here we sit with the taxpayers paying the back mortgage, back taxes, and cleanup costs.


At this point, any development on the Iceport land would be good.  I just wonder if it will become vapor development or something real.


Here is an email about the article.


Hey Randy,


This project doesn't seem to go along with the wishes of the "Temporary Politicians making Permanent Decisions" who wanted a curved main street with little boutique shops on the Ice Port land. 


I would also submit the traffic involved with a distribution center will be counterproductive to the Entertainment District that is continuing to develop within the 3400 - 3500 Blk. of E. Layton Ave. 


Wal*Mart is looking better and better with each idea set forth.

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