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St. Francis Mayoral Candidate Daniel J. O'Brien

St. Francis

Daniel O’Brien is a mayoral candidate bursting with energy — and brimming with confidence that his business experience as a small business owner, and entrepreneur makes him the right person for the job.  "This race is all about who has the right kind of experience, Government must be run like a business, with efficiency.”  “The more money you save over here, the more money you have to spend to help people over there."

Doubters may question the extent of Mr. O’Brien’s experience as he is only 33years old.  People may ask is six years of experience running a small business really enough to prepare someone to be a mayor.  “Everyone will just have to make that decision for themselves.”  Mr. O’Brien goes on to say "I am the only candidate who has started a business and met a payroll."

Daniel O’Brien is facing off against Jeffery Mayer, and David Sopolinski, both former St. Francis City Alderman, and CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls who was unsuccessful in her bid for Alderperson in Kenosha’s 2nd District in the last election.

Business Focus

"Experience is great, and the more experience you have, the better," O’Brien says. "Since so much of business growth today comes from startups, having a mayor who has done that will give me a good understanding of that particular segment of the economy, if not the whole economy. “  “I would say I have a good understanding of the economic problems we are facing." 

His startup business is O’Brien Business Partners, LLC, DBA Ocean’s Edge Aquariums. It was launched in 2006. The company builds large and small custom aquariums for both public and private businesses and individuals.  The business faces formidable business opponents: Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, who is part of the reality TV show Tanked, and Living Color Aquariums based out of Florida.

His entrepreneurship is a central credential that he cites as a mayoral candidate.

Mr. O’Brien was asked if there was just one thing as mayor that he could persuade City Council to do to help attract business, what that would be?  O’Brien said ” It would help him attract businesses to St. Francis if he could show prospective business "pre-approval" indications that the council would officially approve zoning or infrastructure changes necessary for the business to relocate or expand.


Daniel O’Brien is married to Katie O’Brien; they have been married since December 14, 2002.  He is the son of John and Debra O’Brien and grandson of the late Derald and Beatrice Matter (Neubauer) & Daniel and Jane O’Brien (Ott).  He has 2 younger brothers, the late Benjamin (30), and Sean (27).  He has 3 nephews that he is very close to, Alexander (7), Brayden (4), and Jaiden (2).  His family has been part of the St. Francis community since 1950 when his grandparents built their house.  His Grandfather Derald Matter, and Great Uncles Russell and Richard (Lois) Neubauer were key individuals in the early years of the city, Lois continues to be active to this day with the St. Francis Historical Society.  He adds “Since I was a young boy I can remember St. Francis being a great place with open green space, and quiet safe neighborhoods. With your help I will help keep St. Francis a great community that will be a beautiful place to raise a family.”

Mr. O’Brien goes on to say, “If elected mayor of St. Francis, I will have a set of goals and be dedicated to my community.  My first priority will be to start and implement a dedicated task force whose primary goal is to search out, and bring new and expanding business to the St. Francis community. I will do everything to utilize the vacant buildings, and unused commercial space, and improve vacant residential areas while working to protect open green spaces, and lake shore areas. I will dedicate myself to identifying ways to lower residential taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, and improving the quality of public services that the community expects. If elected I will make it a personal priority to make sure every resident, and business is protected from crime, fire and health concerns by an elite police and fire department.”


For more information about Daniel O’Brien you are welcome to visit his webpage at  or email him directly at





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