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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

I'm Not Being Negative! I'm Being Honest!

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While I get a few emails monthly that my blogs are just chucked full of negative things including portraying a negative image of Cudahy, I have to stop and consider if that is the truth!


So I sit here and I look over the articles I have posted over the years.  I look at what is in the news.  I look at what people think mainly about Cudahy.  I look at what I read on other sites.  I look at the statements of the elected officials.  I then look at the actions of those elected officials and the results of said actions.


I listen to what people are saying, the people that matter, the residents!  I stop and talk to people when I am shopping or eating out in Cudahy.  I ask my neighbors what they think!  I communicate!


I then draw the conclusion based on the logic, evidence, and reasoning, indirect, and direct observations that “NO” I am NOT being negative, I am being a realist, and that the truth is cold and harsh most of the time. 


I understand, we all wish things to be one way, but they aren’t.  They are the way they are because of a lack of direction, lack of leadership, lack of communication, lack of respect for the people, lack of responsibility, lack of ownership, and a lack of effort!


Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see that Cudahy is headed in the wrong direction.


You get the government you deserve!


Cudahy has problems and we need to face those problems instead of buying into the make-believe so many people are selling or looking for false answers that merely shift the issue somewhere else!


If we want Cudahy to change for the better, we the people need to make it happen!  It starts by acceptance of the way things truly are and moving beyond denial into action.  We need to start removing the losers, bottom feeders, parasites, and things that are harming Cudahy.  We need to rid the city of the wanderous, directionless elected officials who only want to keep getting elected and staying in power directly or through proxy and the do nothing crowd.  We need to reject and remove the ole (old) guard and find people who truly get it and want to look at the soul of the city and embrace what the city and the makeup of the residents are.  We need to understand that Cudahy is a blue-collar city and use our strengths and forget attempting to remake Cudahy in some other city’s image.  Cudahy is made for a type of store like ShopKo and NOT a posh Ikea!  Stop destroying Cudahy in an attempt to remake it.  We need to rid the city of the elitists who think they know better than the voters and don’t trust them!


We have elected a Mayor who either doesn’t have the strength to turn away from the ole guard or has turned his back on the residents of Cudahy. 


We need less government, not more government.  We need the government we have to be efficient and responsible, not able to appoint who they want.


We need to understand that the people of Cudahy are the most valuable asset of Cudahy and the land and lake are only second best compared to the people! 


Cudahy’s local restaurants are not the best we offer!  It is the people of Cudahy that are, our business are only second best compared to the people!


We need to care about Cudahy and not just say we do!  We need be honest with ourselves and face the facts when we are presented with them!


We need people capable of seeing the signs and doing something about it!  We currently don’t have that and it will not get better until we do.


Who needs to go or what needs to change?


Well, let’s be honest!  I can, can you?


Needs to go -


Mayor Day – Needs to go off into the sunset.  He was a bust.  He wasn’t my first choice and between him and Mayor McCue he was the better choice at the time (two slightly same sides of coin with the same masters).  He campaigned that he would communicate and get things done and now we see that he was full of hot air!  No communication and nothing done.  Now with a year before the next election he wants to make the Cudahy Mayor Part Time.  Not because it is best for Cudahy, he cannot back that argument up because the data to back that up doesn’t exist.  No, he wants it so he can stay on as Mayor and make his Masters happy.  Being a Full Time Mayor takes too much of his time away from family life and yes he did campaign on it and I didn’t agree with it then and more so now that he doesn’t want it to go to the voters in the form of a referendum.  I gave Mayor Day more than enough time to make a difference and do something in Cudahy and now we see he isn’t capable of doing the job!  Remember back after the election I said I would be just as harsh with Day if he didn’t produce and he isn’t producing. 


We’re a product of our own successes or failures, when you do nothing, you are nothing!


Elected officials need to be held accountable to voters for what they did or didn’t do.  With Mayor Day we got Doing Nothing Mayor Part 2 and it is time for him to go.  We need someone in this next year to rise and stand up and say the right things and then go and actually do the right things.  We don’t need another wasted 3 years, we already had 5 and my guess we will add to that total by one before the next election.  Drop the nonsense of part time Mayor, buckle down, and get the people’s business done Mayor Day!  Stop pandering to the good ole boys club, cut the strings from your puppet masters make a difference and then move on to Florida like you wanted to.  You were pushed into running and I know you are trying to make the best of the situation and like playing Mayor, but it is time that you face the facts and let someone, whoever that is, run for Mayor.  Clear the playing field and let’s see who throws their name into the ring.


Alderman Jason Litkowiec needs to go.  If you claim you cannot trust the voters what are you doing to make the voters not trust you or maybe it is you that are/would be wrong and the voters got/get it right.


Alderman Mark Otto – My Alderman who doesn’t care about the part of the district I live in and is more hell bent on getting his buddy Ryan McCue back into power in Cudahy.  His nickname in City Hall (of course behind his back) is Mini-McCue!


City Clerk/Treasurer Dennis Broderick – He has been a bust.  All this talk about how he is retired and has all the time on his hands to dedicate to his position and those wonderful computer skills he talked about, and nothing has come about. 


Needs improvements or slight changes -


Alderman Joe Mikolajczak – You care so much for your residents and for Cudahy as a whole.  I was just told you seem to have lost a little of your zest and most think it is because you are not the President of the Common Council where you shined.


Alderwoman Mary Schissel – You are NOT the right fit for the President of the Common Council.  Please step down immediately.  You have come so far from the one who wish Ikea would come and in my mind have vastly improved, but you are the wrong person for the President of the Common Council.  Do the right thing and step down!  Also remember you live in Cudahy and NOT Riverwest!  Make the decisions based on what is best for the real Cudahy you live in and NOT the one you wish it to be!


Alderman Richard Bartoshevich – You need to be as strong as you are ALL the time.  I fear that many times you have more that you want to say, but don’t.  Get it out!  Don’t go along to get along. 


I have to put Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson in a different class.  As of Ryan McCue leaving, I think Comptroller Williamson has refocused his efforts on his job.  I don’t have a dislike or like for him.  Which has changed from completely dislike.  While he holds ties to the ole guard, I have heard that he stands up to them as well!  Let’s see what the last year holds. 


What do we have in place that is right?


Our Police and Fire Departments from the Chiefs down the line!


Cudahy Municipal Judge John E. Dobogai III - He has turned it around so fast and righted that ship!  If I were to award a gold star or A+ this would have been the one.  I still need that picture of us taken at your swearing in Judge.


City Attorney Paul Eberhardy – While I may not always agree with him, I think he does a very good job.  I think he is the right person for the job.


City Accountant Bruce Schuknecht – Once he distanced himself from Ryan McCue and that whole Kalahari fiasco he has done a good job.


Our Public Sector Workers are and I have not demonized them, I have put the blame correctly on the shoulders of Collective Bargaining and Union Leaders who don’t get it!  I think the teachers and all of the workers themselves are not the problem, they are in fact part of the solution.  It is the system and many of the rules in place that are the problems.  We are making improvement in that area!


We have a few Alderpersons who do care and others that are either taking us in the wrong direction or just taking up space.  You know which ones you are!  And so does everyone as I have detailed that above.


Time will tell on our new Director of Economic Development, I have high hopes and pray that he doesn’t fall prey to the do nothing administration and just pad his resume like his processor did!


Let me conclude by this:


We need people capable of seeing the signs.  If you cannot see the signs staring at you in the face are you of any use?


We need to stop looking at and for false answers and deal with the harsh reality of things!


I have been accused by the same person of single handily running Ryan McCue and Lara Fritts out of Cudahy and then in the same breath that I don’t matter and people don’t care or even know who I am.


Do you see that his statements cannot be true? 


I will accept that I have shed light on subjects, but it is up to the people to make things happen and together we make a difference.  I don’t do it ever alone.  It is all of you that make it happen. 


I am not a pawn, but a willing participant willing to give my opinions, shed light on subjects and get the truth out because if we wait for City Hall to do it, we will never see it.


Thanks to all the readers, commenters and those people willing to stand up and get the word out!  It is truly you who make it happen. 


I am just one person, one voice!

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