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The City of Cudahy Gag Order???

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Well people, it seems you and I are causing Mayor Day and his efforts to reorganize the City to his needs some issues.  “We” seem to be undermining his efforts in the dark of the night to bring these things to reality. 


Mayor Day is pushing HIS agenda hard!


Bring it to a referendum and let the people speak!  Mayor Day, you and I both know they will say “NO” to a Part Time Mayor with a Full Time City Administrator.


I have a question!


If shedding light on this is an issue and is seen as BAD, is it on the up and up then?


Is it Kosher?


Put another way, “Why is it being done in the dark of the night rather than in the light of the day?”


It boggles the mind and makes many more questions surface.


Why the rush?


Why no referendum?


Why continue having the meetings about it?


Why will you not communicate this big plan to the Citizens of Cudahy?  


I know the aldermen get a stipend that can be used to mail the residents of their districts (have you gotten something lately from them) and one would think the Mayor has something like that as well.  Drop us all a note telling us why this is good for us taxpayers!


Mayor Day, you don’t have to answer my blog, put up information on the City Website (right here in case you forgot where that is) making your statement that you WILL either drop the City Administrator or put it to the voters.  I would say I dare or challenge you to do it but that would be wrong, I say, be forward, open, honest, transparent and responsible to the people of Cudahy since they deserve it!


Mayor Day, also tell the people of Cudahy about the plans to increase the DPW in management with the reorg of it.  I am sure they would like to know in the times we have where Act 10 is taking from the public sector how you and your administration are finding ways to increase the size of our local government and spend precious resources (tax dollars) on it.  Please explain away!!!


Yesterday I had one person email me about this and one person I have never met drive up to me while I was cleaning up the snow to tell me the same thing.


First the email:


Randy.  The city of Cudahy employees are under a gag order not to talk to anyone about ANY city business.  This does not apply to just bloggers like you, but US everyday people.  This order came from the top!


This came from someone in the rank in file not management.


Let me get this straight.  My taxes can pay their salary, but they can't tell me the back handed things the elected officials are doing, like trying to sneak in an administrator.


Shame shame shame!  On our elected officials!


So I am cleaning up after the snow when a car pulls up to my approach.  The person is holding a piece of paper in their hand and yells over to me, “Randy”!


They start talking to me.  I have never seen them before.


“I could get fired for just talking to you.  You really have the City in an uproar.  Just the fact you did an open records request asking for the DPW Flow Chart has put a damper on the reorg changes.  We were told not to discuss anything that is going on with anybody.  They are afraid that everyone and anyone are talking to you.  You are pushing Day into the corner with forcing his hand on a referendum on the City Reorg.  He doesn’t want it!  I better go as someone might see me!”


And they left. 


They did know that I did an Open Records Request for some piece of paper that Mrs. Lange handed out and then collected back after the Open Session meeting ended.


I will post that DPW Reorg Flow Chart in the next few days.


I tell you something doesn’t smell right at Cudahy City Hall!


This don’t talk to Randy makes me think of the Seinfeld episode "The Little Kicks".  Season 8 Episode 4 ... She [Elaine] advises Anna to keep away from George, which causes Anna to think of George as a "bad boy", making George desirable to her.


I also received this email recently.




I don’t get you.  Tony Day and Mary Jo Lange are conservatives like you, yet you give them grief and are all over them.


I cannot tell how many people have said that!  It doesn’t matter if they are on my side or not.  If people are doing things wrong, I will call them out for it.  I don’t hold my side to a different standard, neither higher nor lower.


People in the Public Sector are Public Servants and YES I know they don’t like that term. 


Public Servants!!!


That is the truth like it or NOT!  They are doing the People’s business and it will always be in the People’s favor or it will be exposed.


 I have no use for anyone on any side who is power drunk, corrupt, doing wrong things, taking advantage of their situation, or any gamut of things. 


Wrong is wrong!


Here is my email to the Cudahy Alderpersons:


Dear Alderpersons of Cudahy,


I am here to remind you that you work for the people of Cudahy and NOT Mayor Day! 


In fact, Mayor Day is part of a different branch of our local government. 


This “gag order” or whatever it is being called is wrong.


You are not only the voices of your constituents you are the conduit for which information is to be brought to them.  I am NOT asking closed meeting information be breeched, but we have no information coming from Mayor Day and now he wants even less.


You have a duty to get information to your constituents.


Do you want to be known as against open, honest, and transparency?


I say this because all of you know that if I am just shedding light on subjects like the re-organization of City Hall and the DPW and if that is bad, then you know something is wrong.


Shedding light is nether good or bad!


I take it “the straw to break the camel’s back” for Mayor Day was my Open Records Request of the DPW Flow Chart passed around in Open Session was what made Mayor Day to act in this way.


If I have to spend my own money and do Open Record Request after Open Record Request I will do so, but the consequences will not be pretty as I will post that info as it is public knowledge and let the people of Cudahy know you all bowed to pressure of the Mayor.  Mayor McCue tried this same thing and it didn’t fare well for him.


I know I will not do this alone, as I will enlist the help of CRG (Citizens for a Responsible Government) and the news media.


I can tell you, the more people are told to clam up, the more they will talk.


So why would I be asking to you to let your constituents know if more people are going to be talking, because it is best to get firsthand information and accurate information via open channels of our government.  For some reason Mayor Day doesn’t want that and that is a red flag don’t you think?  After all, part of the selling point of the City Administrator is because you are not getting the information from the Mayor and your dissatisfaction of him and hope the City Administrator will be more forthcoming.


Mayor Day may have forgotten he works for the Citizens of Cudahy, have you?


Mayor Day may have forgotten the difference between right and wrong, have you?


Mayor Day all you had to do is communicate to the people and YOU choose NOT to!


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