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Cudahy School Referendum in November?

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I heard that there is the possibility of a school referendum being considered for the November ballot. 


One would think the Mayor could get his agenda item of a Part Time Mayor on it as well and none of this advisory / non-binding type.  That type just screams I don’t trust the voters on the issue. 


I love how easy the Alderpersons in Cudahy are being played by Mayor Day on this issue, his plan all along was to make the Common Council want the Part Time Mayor, and he is successful in it. 


Well I will not back down from it and I am trying to make arrangements with my work to get out early and attend.  Maybe CRG and others will attend with me.  I will have to ask for their availability.


So back to the possible school referendum in November.


I received this information -


Dear Randy,


The rumor you heard is correct.


The school district is considering a referendum for November 2012.


So I emailed Cudahy Superintendent Heiden who HAS always emailed me back.  He answers people unlike Mayor Day!


Also note he wants the referendum to take place when the most amounts of people could voice their opinion.




Superintendent Heiden,


Would you like to confirm, comment, defend, or explain the referendums being proposed for this November?


Randy Hollenbeck


From Superintendent Heiden




The Board of Education has not yet determined the need for a referendum.  The Board and administration are currently examining the long range capital list to determine how to move forward on several major items that will need to be addressed sooner than later.  Not everything on the list is a priority and there is a need to gather more information on which items need to be addressed and when.


In addition we are exploring financing options.  It looks as if we would once again qualify for QZAB loans (0%) for most, if not all, of any referendum.  (Brown Deer, a district with similar demographics, recently had a big portion of their referendum covered under a QZAB of 0%.)  We would also need to closely examine existing debt structure.  Our goal would be to limit any major impact to be similar to what the impact was for the last referendum (approximately $.04 per thousand).


If the Board moved ahead (and that is a big if) the timing would be to run the referendum at the November presidential election when we would have the most opportunity to hear from the majority of the community.

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