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A Synopsis of the Reorganization Study Committee Meeting Held Thursday February 23, 2012

Cudahy, Mark Otto, Mayor, Open Records Request, Referendum, Tony Day

This synopsis below comes from one of the few people to attend this meeting.


Do you think more would come if held at a different time and if the word got out what they are trying to do?


How about someone from the City to comment directly here or post something on the City Website if what is stated here isn’t the truth. 


We need some official information to the public on the City Website!


Better yet, do a massive city phone call using the School System followed by information in our Spring Newsletter and specific to this change and independent mailings to the residents. 


So in the meantime, suspend the meetings until all of those things happen and then hold the meetings at a time when people can attend them like 7pm.


Then and only then will this process truly be OPEN!!!!


Hey, they have the audio from the meeting and I told the Mayor and Common Council to post it on the City Website, but I would not hold my breath on that.


Mayor Day and Alderman Otto,


Here is a novel idea.  Instead of looking at ways to spend taxpayer money in this Part-Time Mayor you ask Franklin and other cities how they got state grant money to tape the meetings and place them on TV or the Internet.


Now onto the meeting synopsis:


Note – this has been slightly edited to protect the person who sent it to me.




Dear Randy,


I went to the reorganization meeting for the mayor.


There was a total of three documents at that meeting.  One was a plan made by the mayor, another made by alderman Otto and the third was made by Alderman Dick.  Only Dick's plan was discussed openly and passed out to the audience.


At the end of the meeting it was determined that Dick's plan was too broad in concept for the responsibilities of the committee.


However it clearly showed that Dick was very interested in the concept and supported the idea of a City administrator.


In the audience that night was mayor Glowacki who boldly asked if this was a done deal?  The committee said no when asked individually.


There was discussion that evening on the concept of binding and non-binding referendum.  The group was leaning toward a non-binding referendum.


They skirted the issue and said they did not think it was their responsibility to determine that.  It was the common council decision [it was a Quorum there] whether to go to a referendum and what type.


Getting back to Dick's plan which when you see it is not possible because of the size of city and the class it is.


Anyways when the cost savings of the Public safety director is taken out then there is an increase in costs


The plan for the next meeting is to discuss other cities who have gone through this process.  The direction was given by Scott. 


Dick will get more information from his brother from South Milwaukee as one of the sources.




Why the want for a non-binding referendum – Because they fear the voters and know that people will just say “NO” and that doesn’t jive with what they want to do.  With a non-binding referendum, they can toss aside the voters will and substitute their own!


In the next few days I will post Alderman Dick Bartoshevich’s flowchart plan and I am thinking of doing an Open Records Request for the other two.


I ask you, does this seem like an honestly open discussion?


I ask you, where are the cons being discussed at the meeting?


I ask you, since they are not talking about the cons what does that say?


I ask you, does this look like they already know the direction they are going?



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