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Cudahy Part Time Mayor - Let's go Through the Steps

Cudahy, Mark Otto, Mayor, Referendum, Tony Day

Remember - Reading between the lines and the intent of all of this!


Step One – Mayor Day selects the members who will be on the Reorganization Committee


Where was the information about getting on the Committee?  Something like this radical of a change surely would have had something posted like the 2020 did right?


Step Two – Discussion of various reorganization alternatives to be investigated further - The Committee is to weigh the pros and cons of moving to a Part Time Mayor and Full Time Administrator (have they talked about pros or cons in these meetings)


And yes they are open to the public – at a time which is hard for the public to get to and what word went out about them?  Did you get a flyer in the mail about this possible governmental change?  Or was it through this blog and word of mouth you found out about it?


Can someone point me in the direction where the official mention of something this big went out besides the agenda that most people in Cudahy doesn’t even know where to find it? 


Are they saying now that they added Public Hearings, the panel is going to recommend the change?  I think we need this explained better!


Step Three – Newly added Public Hearings (this wasn’t talked about before)


Why would you have Public Hearing if an option is not made to move forward?


Step Four – Common Council approval (have to change our charter)


Step Five – Referendum (still waiting on concrete binding or non-binding and when they are looking for it to be on ballot) 


How about setting some hard dates for the public?  Like the Committee will have a decision yea or nea by???  Let’s start there instead of winging it like they are doing! 


Why were they winging it and now the changes? 


Because this was just a formality and now we are holding their hands to the fire and they don’t like it.


What is happening is we are locking them down and forcing them to openly state things.



This bears repeating:

How about someone from the City to comment directly here or post something on the City Website. 



Better yet, do a massive city phone call using the School System followed by information in our Spring Newsletter and specific to this change and independent mailings to the residents. 


So in the meantime, suspend the meetings until all of those things happen and then hold the meetings at a time when people can attend them like 7pm.


Then and only then will this process truly be OPEN!!!!


Mayor Day and Alderman Otto,


Here is a novel idea.  Instead of looking at ways to spend taxpayer money in this Part-Time Mayor you ask Franklin and other cities how they got state grant money to tape the meetings and place them on TV or the Internet.


We need some official information to the public on the City Website!

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