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Does This Sound Like Telling The Truth?

Cudahy, Mark Otto, Referendum

So a reader emails me Feb 28th that Alderman Otto, the Chairperson of the Reorganization Study Committee, emailed this to them:


“The Common Council is not remotely near changing anything.  Currently, there is a Reorganization Study Committee looking at it.  If the committee approved, then it would go to a public hearing and then to a referendum.


If your basing your info on a blog, its grossly inaccurate.


At this point there is nothing for taxpayers to decide on.


If you have any other questions, please give me a call or email




Alderman Otto”


So who is Alderman Otto referring to in regards to blog? 


Alderman Otto (who is my alderman even though my part of the district he doesn’t care about) is referring to my blog.


This makes me wonder, what is so grossly inaccurate.  Not just inaccurate, but GROSSLY INACCURATE.


So I email my Alderman, Alderman Otto this:


“Alderman Otto,


Could you please tell me what is “grossly inaccurate” on my blog as you are telling people?


Any why are you not using the words of non-binding or binding attached to referendum when discussing things with people?  It is a tab bit dishonest not to include them and misleading in one way or another.


So are you willing to publicly state it will go to a binding referendum?


And when?


Randy Hollenbeck”




And here is his response (keep in mind what he told a reader of my blog and I use his words:


“Mr. Hollenbeck,


I don't provide comment to anyone about your blog.   Yes, I have told people not to believe everything you hear on a blog.


Yes, I'm willing to go to binding referendum if its legally possible.




Alderman Otto”


Notice how he denied it and still WILL NOT say what is GROSSLY INACCURATE.




So I reply back:


“Alderman Otto,


Is this not your words and I do quote, “If your basing your info on a blog, its grossly inaccurate.”


Whose blog are you talking about and again I ask, what is grossly inaccurate?


Randy Hollenbeck”




So he replies back:


“Mr. Hollenbeck,


My opinion is still the same and I stand by it.





Alderman Otto”




So I ask again:


Alderman Otto,


Whose blog and was it grossly inaccurate?  Specifics!


Randy Hollenbeck




He could not defend his GROSSLY INACCURATE comment and didn’t want to own it.


We saw this same tactic with former Mayor McCue and Mark Malley who was the online Milwaukee Journal Editor heard firsthand when I used 3-way calling and asked McCue the same thing years past after he claimed the same thing.  The outcome as you could guess was, it was/is NOT inaccurate. 


No wonder they call Alderman Otto Mini-McCue since he even uses his tactics.  


Look for patters no matter how small they are, they matter!


So I ask, does that sound like telling the truth from Alderman Otto?  And if he is less than honest about something like that, what else is he being less than honest about?

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