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Clarification on Referendum on Part Time Mayor

Cudahy, Mayor, Mark Otto, Referendum, Tony Day

Mayor Day,


Would you care to set the record straight that at the last Reorganization Meeting held Thursday February 23 this was the case:


In the audience that night was former Mayor Glowacki who boldly asked if this was a done deal. 


The committee said no when asked individually.  There was discussion that evening on the concept of binding and non-binding referendum.  The group was leaning toward a non-binding referendum.


Then someone spoke up asked what do you have to fear in the people making the decision?


Then you skirted the issue and said they did not think it was their responsibility to determine that.  It was the common council decisions whether to go to a referendum and what type.


So it begs the question if this isn’t a done deal and moving forward why to the next step (meaning your minds are made up and now send it to the Common Council for approval or now you want public hearings) then why the talk of the referendum and who can actually make it happen?


Contact Mayor Day and your Alderperson and ask them for clarification about the referendum.


Mayor Tony Day

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: (414) 769-2222


1st District Alderperson

Name: Joseph Mikolajczak

Phone Number: (H) 763-5105

Address: 3754 E. Plankinton Ave.

E-mail Address:


2nd District Alderperson

Name: Mary Schissel

Phone Number: (H) 744-0420

Address: 3836 E. Munkwitz Ave.

E-mail Address:


3rd District Alderperson 

Name: Mark Otto

Phone Number: (H) 769-6626

Address: 3324 E. Mallory Ave.

E-mail Address:


4th District Alderperson 

Name: Jason Litkowiec

Phone Number: (H) 489-9287

Address: 3707 E. Dale Ave.

E-mail Address:


5th District Alderperson     

Name: Richard Bartoshevich

Phone Number: (H) 769-1889

Address: 5962 S. Robert Ave.

E-mail Address:





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