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Absurd Changes to the YMCA Taekwondo Program

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This is a call out to all of you that have attended or had kids attend or planned to attend the taekwondo program at the YMCA, please read and email Mr. Yamachika.

Letter handed out to after class


March 20, 2012

Dear students and parents,

Last Thursday evening after classes the taekwondo staff here at the South Shore YMCA had a meeting with Scott Muehlemann, the Area Youth Development Director for the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee.  Scott informed us that the YMCA was going to make a change to the martial arts programs for all of the centers under the metropolitan YMCA umbrella.  We were told that the reason for the charges “To better align and strengthen the Y’s martial arts programming.”  They believe that “this change will support strengthen the martial arts program and focus the resources towards providing quality impactful programs for the communities we serve”.  As a result of these changes the taekwondo instructional staff at the South Shore YMCA is being eliminated.  Our last class here at the YMCA will be Thursday May 31, 2012.

The upcoming change is that there will be a new taekwondo program.  I do not know who this will be but I do know that it will not be an ATA program. The Y has sent out over 40 requests for proposal to martial arts schools in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Ozaukee counties to become a contracted organization to teach martial arts at all of the Milwaukee Metropolitan YMCA centers.  Thursday evening Scott gave me the opportunity to submit a proposal for this.  Unfortunately I am unable to make this work for us.  The amount of revenue they are willing to share with the contracted organization is less than the current hourly wage that we receive.  Additionally the YMCA is requiring the contracted organization to carry insurances which would cost more than the amount they would be paying.  I declined to submit a proposal.

As you may imagine this was a very emotional event for us.  The words bolded and in quotes in the first paragraph above were in the first paragraph of our termination letters.  We all felt very disrespected and hurt.  This program under my direction has been teaching at the South Shore YMCA for 25 years.  Scott confirmed to me that after reviewing our employee filed that not one complaint was ever recorded against any of the instructors of this program in general.  Scott was unable to provide me a reasonable explanation for the change.  I have asked that her or preferably someone higher within the organization come to our class and explain to you, and to me, why they believe making this change is beneficial to the Y and to answer all questions that you may have regarding this change.

I have sent a letter to the president, CEO and copied each member of the executive board of directors.  I have asked Mr. Yamachika if he is aware of the financial impact this may have on the Y.  Assuming they lose all of the students here, as I believe you will follow us to a new location, they will miss out on $2,000 per month in taekwondo revenue and whatever the lost revenue is due to cancelled memberships.  If they lose any other martial arts programs at any of the centers they will experience similar results.  For example Master Murphy teaches at the Rite Hite YMCA and his program brings in closer to $5,000 per month in revenue.  I can’t speak for Master Murphy or any of the other martial arts instructors but I suspect they will be losing many qualified and extremely talented instructors.

At this point I need to ask you for two favors:

1.       Help us find a new location.  I currently have one possibility but nothing certain.  They location would bneed to be relatively close to the current location and be somewhat equivalent to what we currently have.

2.       Help us get this decision reversed.  I request that all of you send a letter to the President, CEO of the YMCA in Milwaukee.  Please explain to him why you believe the current situation should not be changed.  You may send your letters to:

Mr. Robert Yamachika

President, CEO YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee



Or snail mail:

Association Offices

161 West Wisconsin Ave.

Suite 4000

Milwaukee, WI  53203


I do believe that with a huge response from all of you that we have an opportunity to have this decision reversed.

I want to thank all of you for putting your trust in us and allowing us the privilege and honor to teach you or your children the art of taekwondo.  I look forward to continuing to do this either at the South Shore YMCA or wherever we end up.




Brian Pesch

5th Degree Black Belt

Owner and Chief Instructor

Pesch’s South Shore YMCA



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