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When is a Million Not a Million?

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Figures and numbers don't lie, goes the adage, but liars can figure.


Numbers don't lie - or do they?


There's a lot of spin taking place with these numbers.


Democrats say more than 1 million signatures were submitted to recall GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker


Democrats file 1 million signatures for Walker recall


Who is deceiving who? 


When is a Million Not a Million - When Graeme Zielinski & Mike Tate are saying so!


Like the old adage says, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics!


They just forgot to add "Politicians" into the equation!


GAB says 931,042 signatures had been submitted to recall Walker surpassing the 540,208 valid signatures they needed but short of their claims.  Notice that doesn’t say those signatures are valid, just submitted.


The GAB stated that 905,547 were deemed valid, the board said in a statement, adding that it sought additional time to review the petitions for duplicate signatures.  – Meaning – They have not taken out the duplicates yet!  How can dups be valid?


Do you think the GAB will really announce the total amount or will they just state by the numbers they already released?


With the stakes as high as they are for the left a little reminder of the 2010 election numbers. In fact they had 1,004,303 vote against Scott Walker in 2010, so they didn’t do that well when you think of the pool of people not for Walker.  Again with the stakes that high and the claim of former Walker voters upset the number should have been much, much higher.


The Grandsons of Liberty have stated the real number was somewhere in the 800,000 range given by a statement on WISN radio.


If you count the amount of scanned signatures that were not crossed out you get 846,888 entries.


This underscores the often the political nature of data and the way in which it is used to promote their agendas.


So many different numbers and as we know with numbers there is spin.  All we want is the truth and the real number.


So when the Democrats claim something know the numbers are fudged and the statement is in fact, not the real truth.  Fuzzy math has always been in the mind of the left and is the only thing the PuP and WDS people know how to use!



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