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From the Inbox - Lack of Cudahy Development & City Reorg

Brian Biernat, Cudahy, Development, Email, Mark Otto, Mayor, Tony Day



I was wondering if you could post any kind of update on Economic Development, or lack of, on your blog.  The reason I ask is because we get NO INFORMATION out of City Hall.


Over the weekend, I was looking at the cities web site and went to the Economic Development page.  Now, I believe our new Economic Development and Zoning Director has been here now for several months.  The only thing I can find on the website, is an update to the Packard Avenue construction.  I don't need that.  I live here in Cudahy, and drive it a couple times a week.  I KNOW IT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.


Nothing about him, as a bio, no changes, no updates, nothing.  .  Even for us citizens, again, no communication, nothing... 


The rumor mill said that someone was looking at the former Ice Port, former Walmart (yeah we lost that one!) for an industrial park, later rumored as a truck terminal. 


Yet, we hear nothing, nadda, zilch, zippo, a big goose egg.  


Yet, during a most recent article in the Journal about distressed TIF's, you see that Cudahy could NOT help out Cobalt a couple of years ago, because of the financial condition of our TIF.  Yet again, nadda, zilch, zippo, a big goose egg on that one to!


I have never met the man, however, if he was this brilliant guru that was brought in, other than having his business card on the counter at city hall, shouldn't something be going on.  Sounds like we have another Lara on our hands, they made this gentlemen full time, gave him benefits, and what are the taxpayers getting for it, it appears nadda, zilch, zippo, a big goose egg!








Interesting to see the comments and reaction on your piece on the 32 of 33 ranking.  We are really lucky to have someone like you to provide information for this community.


I do not get the sentinel journal during the week and missed the most recent economic development items on the squire project and cobalt.  Unfortunately, I am not alone, and several people I have talked to have not seen anything on this. 


I see that the reorganization committee is meeting on Thursday and interestingly enough, they are talking about the city administrator and recommendations to create the position of city administrator. 


Geez...  I wonder if their minds are made up? 


Like I told you before, this is going down!  Tony will stay on as Mayor, only if part time.  I wonder which buddy of his will get to be the administrator.  I wonder what kind of checks and balances will go into the hiring and appointment process.  I wonder if they will eliminate the Director of Office Services (high priced office manager which won't be needed when you have an administrator). 


Also, they are going to eliminate the elected comptroller (given to Bruce), and elected clerk / treasurer (given to administrator). 


This will be the largest coup of a municipal government ever pulled off!  Amazing, that this one will fly!   


Like I said months ago, this is going down, and will go down in the summer, when no one is watching.


No public hearings, just a change to charter ordinances, and they won't have the guts to put this to the voters.  And they (the citizens) wanted a referendum on Walmart, but not on the largest structural change to city government, why not on this!






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