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Cudahy Reorganization Committee Meeting Violated Wisconsin State Open Meetings Law

Cudahy, GAB, Mark Otto, Mayor, Referendum, Tony Day

I was able to attend the meeting and Wisconsin State Open Meetings Law Violation occurred during the meeting.


I will have a detailed post coming in the next few days and I will upload the meeting to youtube as I videotaped it.


What a joke, it was all to push it to the Common Council and was approved 3-2 with Alderman Joe Mikolajczak and School Board member Scott Mulqueen voting NO!


There was no public comment or even an offer of one.  In fairness, the agenda didn’t state there would be (as we know this meeting was really about rushing this to the Common Council and NOT a true fact finding mission).


I was prepared to ask the following:


While you get to the bottom section think about this, is the committee not recommending changing city government and notice how the advisory committee below is formed and who can vote.




Chairman, Mayor Day, Aldermen, School District Member, and fellow Cudahy Residents.  I have a few quick and easy questions.  I am not here to debate as all of you know I am against this change you are considering.  I am here in front of you only to get answers for the Citizens of Cudahy.  You have the ability to choose to respond and I pray and hope you do for silence is not in the best interest of the City of Cudahy and its residents.


Who picked this committee panel?


How was this committee panel picked?


Who picked the time this committee panel would start the meetings at?




Where can I find the Reorganization Committee in the City of Cudahy Code of Ordinances which lays out the structure, duties, and authority of this committee?


When was the formation of this Reorganization Committee approved by the Common Council?


When were the members of this Reorganization Committee approved by the Common Council?


Besides City Hall, the City agendas webpage and the Cudahy Library, where else might the people of Cudahy have found out about this plan given its scope and magnitude and how it will fundamentally change Cudahy government? 


Chairman and Alderman Otto, when was the first time you approached Mayor Day about chairing this committee?


Do you have any previous conversations with Mayor Day on this topic prior to the formation of this committee? 


Were those conversations in favor of a Part Time Mayor / Full Time Administrator?   


Have the cons of Part Time Mayor Full Time Administrator been openly discussed?


Are you willing to make the statement and instruct the Common Council that ONLY a binding referendum is acceptable otherwise no passage?


What is the timetable for this fundamental government change?


I hear the plan is to eliminate the elected positions of Clerk/treasure and the Comptroller any truth to that?


Finally, who contacted Ryan McCue from the city to find out that “He is happy where he is?”


1.445 - ADVISORY COMMITTEE. (Cr. #1714; Am. #1741)



PURPOSE. The Municipal Code Advisory Committee shall recommend to the Common Council any additions, amendments or changes to the Cudahy Municipal Code regarding requirements for structures on, or maintenance of private property in the City.



MEMBERS. The Committee shall consist of 6 members who shall be appointed for 2-year terms by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council. The Committee shall be composed of the following persons:



One alderman, who shall be the chairman of the Committee with no voting power.



The Building Inspector.



Four citizen members.

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