Do you overthink problems? Here is one for you to solve.

Here is an interesting puzzle from (a web site I love).  This puzzle is going around Facebook as well.  You may have seen it.

I must admit - I looked at the puzzle for a long time.  Since, I knew ahead of time that this puzzle was easier than it looks, I expected to solve it quickly.   I'm pretty good at puzzles.  I wasn't concerned.   I examined the number combinations.  I looked for patterns.  I stared.   I stepped away.  I came back.   I stared again.

Finally, I gave up and just looked at the answer.

Apparently, the younger you are, the easier this puzzle is to solve.  This must be somewhat true because
my husband could not solve it, I couldn't solve it, and my 10 year old could not solve it.  However, my 8 year old did!

Can you figure it out?  To find the answer - go to the end of the article.

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