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Cudahy Development???

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Here are some emails on Cudahy Development!!!





So Cudahy is no willing to divide up the Iceport land and sell off chunks.  The big development Mayor Day gets to announce is a 6 to 8 door cold storage terminal that will employ 3 to 6 people.  WOW major development.  Sure glad between Mayor McCue and Mayor Day they both pushed Walmart away.  Did you notice how South Milwaukee is watering at the mouth that they landed Walmart.  Did you also notice the big antiwalmart bloggers Greg and Jeriadine  are silent?


Cudahy screwed the pouch on that one.  But hey, we are getting a 6 to 8 door cold storage terminal.  I just wonder if they are going to end up like the Rosebud?  So glad we didn’t get them here!




Have you seen these news articles?



Wow!  A warehouse/storage facility!  What again was at the Iceport site that they ripped down, paid to move etc?  Warehouse/storage space!  (albeit, personal/small business storage).


And this article for a little background on Central Storage and Warehouse.



Wow, 60 employees between 5 locations, so Cudahy should expect about 8-10 jobs?!  Also, did they see that Patrick Cudahy had the big fire and want to come closer to share fire stories?!


Interesting stuff.





Hey Randy,

            The owner of Pavlich Motors also owns the Rustic Inn and the Steelsmith building on Penn. (next to Super Video II)  wants to buy some land locked City owned land directly West of his property and the City is not selling it because they are waiting on what's developing with the Hotel?  What have you heard...







I hear your buddies at Cobalt Partners are still trying to land a hotel on the Penn site.  They held out for Walmart and didn’t get them!  They held out for ShopKo and didn’t get them!  Now this hotel that cannot be taller than 2 stories because of the airport!  And other parties are interested in land there, but the city is holding out with Cobalt.  When is the CDA and the Common Council going to learn to take the deal that is real and on the table?   




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