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Part Time Mayor in the Cudahy 2012 Spring Summer Newsletter

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Unfortunately, you have to admit that Mayor took the opportunity to make his thoughts known on changing to a City Administrator with the newsletter sent to every Cudahy household. 


However....  you also have to admit how he was going to get there.  He did NOT admit that he and the council would approve this change WITHOUT them getting a vote on it.  He did NOT admit to being involved in an illegal closed door meeting (chaired by Alderman Otto), where the recommendation to change was VOTED ON ILLEGALLY in closed session.  He DID NOT tell the citizens that they council would someday hold a public hearing. 


What makes him supposedly any different that Governor Scott Walker?  The union folks are saying that Walker never told anyone he was going to end or change collective bargaining, and magically woke up one morning and had the legislature magically do it. 


Mayor Tony Day is going to wake up one morning and magically get four votes to change this.  He will slip an agenda to the council without the press watching.  Hey, it has been over a month and they have YET to report on an illegal vote and meeting!  


I guess we got what we paid for in the last election with Mayor Day.  Hopefully, everyone will remember this, and each alderman or alderpersons dirty actions in this push and throw those who don't want to listen to the people, OUT!




Recent Cudahy newsletter


Randy – I’m curious to know your reaction to Mayor Day’s letter in the back of the newsletter regarding his support of a city administrator.  I was surprised to see that this is apparently something he’s supported for a long time.  Did that surprise you at all?


As an aside, I’m a stickler for details and I was quite disappointed to see that on page 9 of the newsletter it was stated that O’Reilly Auto Parts would be moving into the “vacant, former Planet Hollywood”.  Last time I checked, Planet Hollywood was a chain restaurant, and the business that was in that space was Hollywood Video.  Yes, I understand this is a very picky observation, but it disturbs me that these details get overlooked.






Why was something this important sent to the second from the last page and NOT on the COVER?

 I would have linked to the newsletter, but atlas, the City Website doesn’t get updated as you can see with this screenshot and link to it.

Well my thoughts on the subject have NOT changed!  If you read the newsletter you would see that Mayor Day doesn’t let the taxpayers know the price tag. 


He doesn’t talk about a binding referendum! 


He doesn’t let people know his committee was never approved by the Common Council and the makeup of was not at all what he talked about at the Common Council meeting. 


He doesn’t give the CONS only the pros!  How would the people know the CONS?


He makes it sound like the done deal that he thinks it is!


He doesn’t make it know that the City Administrator type he is looking at is someone like former Mayor McCue.  Remember the voters of Cudahy decided to oust Mayor McCue! 


And someone from the City DID talk to former Mayor McCue about the job.  How could they?


The article Mayor Day wrote sounded like a classified ad looking for a Full time City Administrator!


When you read it, it sounds like Mayor Day doesn’t like his job!  I don’t think Mayor Day is up to the challenge and from the sound of it neither does he!  Then maybe he shouldn’t run again then!


In the end, this will go silent and then like a Seawolf class Sub, popup when no one knows and just get passed!



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