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Gov. Chris Christie vs. Gov. Scott Walker

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So a former friend told me that Scott Walker is NOT a conservative and Gov. Walker should have done it like Gov. Christie.


The truth that my former friend meant was, “Walker should have only gone after the teachers!”


My former friend also told me that Walker needed to do it like Christie did it and not ram this through and compromise it!  I think my former friend was and is so misguided by his own personal loss (money) and what his wife (the state worker who claimed she was a conservative and she is NOT) and her union said about Walker that he had no idea how Christie did it.


Just by me saying something about his wife, he will not be allowed to be my friend.


Then my former friend told me that I am the one that is wrong and he and his wife are the true conservatives.  He then sent me an article written by a liberal blogger about Chris Christie vs. Scott Walker and they are not the same.  I punched so many holes in that and sent my former friend the proof in email.  What he didn’t know is I also contacted the author of the blog and conversed with him and even got the author to admit they were very much alike and that just not personality wise.  I agreed with that.  Christie is a in your face and Walker is a calm cool type.


Now you hear me through my words talk about my former friend and many of you have emailed me why do I waste so much of my time and energy on him.  It is part that he and his wife still read my blog and I hope some of it sinks in and the other part is to put it in his face.  I am tired of being the better person.  I am tired of playing it safe that the truth is not harsh because many times it is.  I am a mix of Christie and Walker.


So to my former friend and his wife and to the others that read my blog, here is a good snippet of Chris Christie and how he did it!



NJ Gov. Chris Christie: 'Government is out of control'


WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday urged Washington lawmakers to speak honestly with the American people, warning the public may not like the solutions necessary to fix the country's economic woes, but "they know in their heart they have to accept it."


"Don't tell me the American people aren't ready to hear the truth.  They know our government is out of control," Christie said at the CATO Institute's Milton Friedman Awards dinner.  "They know our debt and our deficit is out of control.  And don't confuse them liking the solution to them accepting it.  They don't have to like it, but they know in their heart they have to accept it."


Christie said his leadership in New Jersey should be an example for the country, telling the story of how his state is battling back from some of the bleakest of economic times.  He used an executive order to overcome the $2.2 billion budget shortfall he faced shortly after taking office in 2010.


The tough talking governor recalled for the crowd his options in overcoming the deficit.  "I could sit down and negotiate with the Democratic leadership and the Democratically controlled legislature to try to come to an agreement on these cuts, or, thanks to New Jersey's unique Constitutional structure, cut spending through executive order," he said.


"Now, for those of you who watched me over the past two and a half years, if you believe I chose the former, then it is now time for you to leave.  You are note smart enough to be here at the Milton Friedman Dinner."


The popular conservative, who mulled over his own presidential run, is often talked about in vice-presidential speculation because of his ability to excite the party base and record as a cost cutter in his home state.  But he also is a lightening rod who could alienating independent voters with his in your face approach to politics.


"The great thing about operating by executive order is, first, that I didn't have to tell anybody," Christie said.


Christie has at times been a polarizing figure in New Jersey, but he maintains his way of doing business is something the federal government can learn from.


"Leaders have an obligation to make those tough choices.  In New Jersey that is what we're trying to do.  And in the process hopefully set an example for the rest of the country," he said.


"Believe me, if you can do this in New Jersey, you can do it anywhere."


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